The fires within

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So much has happened already in the first few weeks of this new year.  Here in Australia, as many of you know, we are experiencing some of the worst bush fires in history. During this challenging time it would be easy to feel nothing but anger, sadness, grief, fear and hurt. Denying those feelings certainly is not what is needed.  …

Are your thoughts making you sick? Find out how to fix it quick smart

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Hello from your Happy Hit. How are you? I have been on extended holiday leave, reading, researching, retreating and now back ready to get moving again onwards and upwards raising my vibration and creating holistic healing products and services.   What’s new? I have prepared a variety of positive statements and affirmations to keep you on track for healthy and …

Unapologetically authentic

Unapologetically Authentic

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Authenticity I read a really great article which I shared on Facebook yesterday, it was on how depression (pressing down of emotions) is in cases caused by a lack of self-expression. Situations where we are unable to be present as our true honest selves, instead pushing down our emotions. Why would we do that? And let’s be honest we all …

Pain into Love with an EPIC gift for you

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It all began 24 July 2001 with the death of my Darling Dad. FREE – Retreat at Home Membership Program. I had finished my Management and Tourism Degree and was working in travel management, it was a greedy competitive corporate world. I was flying through life stressed, over worked, over playing, burnt out from partying, holidays and giving giving giving …


Tantrums and Transformations

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When we are creating positive change we sometimes get scared and want to turn back to our familiar self and behaviours, this is normal. Do not let this put you off if you are growing personally. My experience of this is I have come full circle standing in my power I trusted my intuition and went inwards. I knew something …