A few gratefully received words from various people Lyndsay has worked with over the past 10 years.
Fiona, VIC.

This course (The Spiritual Path to Awakening) allowed me to fall in love with myself over and over again. To uncover more of the beauty within. If has been an investment in knowing who I am and I have cherished every part of the journey!

Belinda, Australia

I can't recommend Soul Bathing enough. Soul Bathing, for me, was a time to think, philosophically and guilt-free, about me and my direction in this ocean of chaos we call life. It was my favourite time of the week, set aside for learning, healing old wounds, and feeling the heart-warming stories of a beautiful group of ladies, all finding their way on different journeys of hardship. With the help of Rachel & Lyndsay, we all made a silent pact with ourselves to change our stories, to let go somehow, of all the burdens we carried for our loved ones, and their help and support throughout the six week journey will stay with me for life. A thousand thank yous for letting me be a part of this amazing course!

Melissa, Australia.

Soul bathing is amazing!

Carissa, Australia

This course(soul bathing) is amazing and will change your life, it’s tough because it forces you to really look within and there is no going back once you start down that path but worth every single minute. I have never talked so much about myself,cried or laughed with strangers in my life. I can’t recommend this enough, as someone who had to be dragged into attending I will be forever grateful that I did.

Eileen Sims, Raw Ambition (plant based cooking school)

I first met Lyndsay Wright when I was co-presenting at a retreat with her many years ago. I was immediately taken with her warmth and her infectious humour. She has a wonderful way with people, making one feel at peace and accepted in her presence. Lyndsay is an exceptional listener, but also a great contributor, the kind of person you can throw a curly question at and know you’ll get back a great answer to work through. I admire Lyndsay’s work and her calling to help people on their spiritual journey, she truly walks the walk and keeps her own spiritual wellbeing front and centre so that she can best serve others. I had the honour of hosting Lyndsays’ Sister Circle in my venue for 12 months, it was a beautiful way for women to gather and grow together and people always commented how great the space felt after they had been there. The energy Lyndsay helps generate is palpable. This is a woman on a journey with the wherewithal to come back and let the rest of us know the way. Kind of like Siri but more personalised and not so worried about the fastest route.

Jessie, Australia

If you want to move through the tough s#!@ go to Lyndsay Wright, she's awesome!

Kate, Australia

I experienced a medical intuitive reading from Lyndsay a couple of weeks ago. Right from the start I felt completely held and supported. The information that flowed through Lyndsay resonated with me deeply. I would highly recommend booking a reading with this beautiful and wise soul who has so much to share. Thank you so much Lyndsay you are amazing and your work is much needed. X

Natalie Briney, Australia

When I first discovered the My Passionate Life – A Retreat At Home by Happily Me’s Lyndsay Wright, I was so excited! My main reason was that I wanted an opportunity to just work at my own pace, in my own time, in my home. I love to talk and get to know new people, but some days, I just need some “me time”. And that’s exactly what Lyndsay provided! The retreat was nicely balanced between gentle Yoga, meditation, nutritious and delicious recipes, all backed up with both instructional video’s and informative and helpful PDF’s. And a bonus was that you can keep and use these all again. What impressed me the most though was the gentle leadership and pure inner joy that radiated from Lyndsay during this entire retreat. I highly recommend this retreat/experience to anyone who would like to enjoy some ‘alone/me time’ or as a ‘at home experience with a group of like minded girlfriends’. Much love and thank you Lyndsay

Karyn, Australia

Professional and through her natural self formed a safe secure connection. Intuitively picked up the links between medical history and my youth..... deadly accurate. Thank you Lyndsay for helping me to let go and be happily in the now.

Donna, Melbourne, Australia

Lyndsay Wright really helped me recognise and heal parts of myself I had forgotten about. I knew something was creating conflict I just didn’t know what and Lyndsay really helped me see what was going on and gave me the opportunity to heal with her presence, compassion, skill set and warmth. Thank you for guiding me to a better place. I highly recommend her services especially and an NLP Breakthrough session for anyone who is ready to change. Thanks again!

Jas, Preston, UK

When I first went to see Lyndsay I was extremely apprehensive, but she soon put me at ease. With a friendly and approachable nature I soon saw that there was nothing to worry about. I managed to talk through my issues and was able to see a positive outcome. I couldn’t have done the treatment without Lyndsay’s patience and brilliant attitude. Thank you for everything I now have my life back!

Catherine, London, UK

Lyndsay made me feel comfortable and our session was really enjoyable, I was a little apprehensive at first because hypnosis is something I’ve never tried before, but I was amazed at how relaxed Lyndsay made me feel. The session was amazing, I left feeling really up-lifted and the results were better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much Lyndsay, you’re a very talented lady.

Sheila Patel MD of Claybook, London UK

I would highly recommend Lyndsay to anyone who wanted to resolve any issues they may have. In fact, for anyone requiring Coaching and/or Therapy within the area, I would suggest Lyndsay Wright as a reliable, capable and knowledgeable Practitioner and associated techniques.

Cheryl, Adelaide

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung ” This has certainly been true for me. I would like to thank the wonderful Lyndsay from Happily Me for helping bring my unconscious to the surface recently.

Anne-Marie, Manchester UK

I went to see Lyndsay about my anxiety which had surfaced from a work situation. As I entered the room I felt assured by Lyndsays warm and relaxed personality. The difference after the first session was amazing, as i felt very calm and relaxed afterwards. I would highly recommend Lyndsay to anyone needing any form of counselling therapy.

Day Retreat Attendee, Bells Beach Australia

I felt the day really helped me to continue on my journey, it really helped me to remember that it’s OK to focus on myself.