The Spiritual Path to Awakening

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Lyndsay Wright ○ Spiritual Director ○ Spiritual Counsellor

As well as working with her students as a spiritual counsellor and director, Lyndsay has an online school - ‘The spiritual Path to Awakening’, and teaches workshops on spiritual healing, intuition, shadow work, healing from trauma, archetypes, divine Feminine, power, meditation, sacred spaces, energy, happiness, sister circles, divine grace, The laws of the universe, divine consciousness, living from spirit, living in presence, journalling, suffering and more. Lyndsay shares honestly through what she calls ‘soul stories’ her own experiences of healing and awakening.

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The Retreat At Home – My Passionate Life is very special, it is a retreat you can do in the sanctuary of your own home bringing clarity and resources to create and manifest a life you are absolutely passionate about.

Created with videos, audios, happy sheets and articles from experts in their field, we have designed a delicious treat for you.

A 4 step plan to your Passionate Life with, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Affirmations, Plus bonus extras

A Retreat to nurture the life you absolutely want to be living, a time out for recuperation ALL for FREE, please spread the word and send people here to join the tribe to heal, grow, and help change lives.

We are very proud and we thoroughly hope you will enjoy our first Retreat At Home.

With Love.