Awakening from Fear

Lyndsay Wright Fear

In adjusting to the ‘new normal’ courtesy of a global pandemic,  I have had the deep awakening that my life has been a huge lie! I have in fact been living under a spell of fear my whole life and I have just realised ‘for real’ -not just logically- what that all means!

It’s funny how something as universal as a pandemic, that impacts every single person on the planet in some way, can be the simplest way to break through some barriers that we have spent our whole lives building. When we break down all the things that govern our daily lives, they are filled with expectations and driven, mostly, by fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of never being enough, 

Fear has had me brainwashed, hypnotised, mesmerised – and don’t worry, I realise the absurdity of me trying to explain this to you as I have heard it a million times and it has meant nothing, from the wizard in OZ to the separation from love of Marianne Williamson! 

But nahahahah…. Until you feel it, get it, like get it in your soul, fear is just a concept. I have been terrorising and terrifying myself with stupid stories of death, and of course, how I’m never going to be good enough and if I do this and then that and that’s how I’ll be seen as a good citizen and a good human and if I do this thing or that thing, I will get love and if I don’t I’m no good,  or then there’s the ghosts in the dark planning to kill me, obviously!  

Of course,  it’s all made up, it’s all a lie. It’s all a game of conditioned people pleasing and suffering and searching and ego, mind projections, concepts and beliefs-  and it’s all NONSENSE!! Absolute nonsense. This my friends, is the food of unconsciousness and I have been in a fear drunk haze ever since I can remember, ever since I experienced conditioning that pulled me away from my true self – my spirit, MY consciousness. Fear feeds the mind. We are acting on a stage of life- the divine play, and we think we are directing it! This just perpetuates suffering and attachment and duality - and it’s all a big lie. I realise now that I have been terrorising myself with fear, staying chained to the conditioning of the collective – and that’s just ridiculous. I’ve let my thoughts rule my mind.

I am not my thoughts. You are not your thoughts. I am not my emotions. You are not your emotions. We are simply the observer who sees the thoughts and who observes the sensations and that ONE, is incapable of fear. That ONE consciousness which we all are is always love. Cosmic unconditional love!

Are you terrorising yourself with your own thoughts?

Have you been living terrified by what could go wrong?

Jesus said,  “Know the truth and the truth will set you free” 

It’s time to acknowledge that these are just thoughts, they are not  ‘you’, they are not your life! See them for the thoughts they are, look them in the eye and dismiss them. 

The truth can set us all free.  We do not need to let fear dictate how we choose to live from now on. 

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