The Spiritual Path to Awakening

A twelve week immersion into yourself. 

Is this how you expected your life to be?

Think about it for a minute. Have you ever wondered where you’re headed and if there might be more to this life? Consider this; maybe your life IS where you're supposed to be, but deep down, do you wonder - is this all there is?  

If you feel true, authentic happiness is always a little out of reach, if suffering seems to consume you, if you’re searching for meaning beyond the shallow, materialistic world, then read on, I want you to know there is a way that leads you to the highest version of yourself, to happiness beyond your imagination and to the reawakening of your soul! 

Let me walk you home

Join me on The Spiritual Path to Awakening online program where we explore ancient spiritual teachings in a modern day context. You don’t need to be overwhelmed by all the information out there, I have walked the path and am ready to share practical wisdom to help you become the person- the sacred spirit- you already are.  There’s no religion, we are simply diving deep into the subconscious, facing your fears, shadows and wounds by bringing them into the light. We’ll explore chakras, medical intuition (body wisdom), meditation with a spiritual practice and you will discover an appetite for deep peace, pure joy and optimum health. 

Have you been searching for something but don’t know what it is?

If you’ve answered yes to this question, you’re already on a spiritual path! This course is for someone who has a presence arising and is committed to look within. Put simply, it’s the map home. The path can be a scary, lonely place without a guide, especially when our worlds can tip upside down in an instant. Things are constantly changing, we lose control to chaos, we yearn for something but we don’t know what it is and we look for it in places that often leave us miserable, addicted, dependent or isolated and, ultimately, lost. 

What emerges or is trying to emerge is the consciousness that dwells within you. Working with consciousness instead of the ego is what’s needed, but it is the brave path, The Spiritual Path to Awakening and it’s not one that should be walked alone; the ego loses it’s grip slowly, but fights until the end!

Where do we start?

The Spiritual Path to Awakening is a 12 week immersion into yourself. 

It includes the foundations of consciousness, spirituality and meditation as the 3 pillars of the course. 

Each module contains a wealth of videos, audios, meditations, journal questions, illustrations and blogs to work through, which move higher in frequency and consciousness and into more advanced teachings as we go along. You needn’t fear falling behind as the course is self paced, and offers lifetime access. A fantastic option when you need a refresher down track! 

Here’s what it looks like

Together we’ll work through 12 modules including video classes and a downloadable workbook to journal your answers and reflections to relevant questions.

You’ll work in your own cocoon of consciousness, mindfulness and presence to accelerate growth at your own pace.


The course is designed to help you breakthrough your unconscious wounds, exploring the shadow side, triggers, beliefs and values, your energy and your health.

You’ll bring light to the dark, and explore the chakra system on a deeper level to understand what’s driving our decisions and behaviours.


You’ll learn about how to hyperactivate your senses to see and communicate through the world. By learning and practicing to live an intuitive life, you’ll only make choices that honour you, always.  

We’ll delve into emotions, the deeper self, the ego and consciousness as we learn about higher vibrations that harness joy and happiness, peace and harmony.


The structure

The course is very easy to follow with one module released every week plus you’ll get a resource guide for extra grounding.


The modules are now also available individually and instantly for your convenience. Understanding that not a lot of people can afford to pay out a large lump sum of money in one go and in the spirit of inclusion Lyndsay has released individual modules to be bought in order from module 1 up to module 11. Here are the modules (all prices are Australian Dollars):

  • Module 1

    Consciousness, spirituality, meditation
    Chakra system and emotions in the body
    Exploring beliefs and values
    Stress and the nervous system

  • Module 2

    Divine Feminine
    The divine feminine
    The sacral chakra
    Womb clearings
    Womb mandalas

  • Module 3

    Sovereignty and Grace
    The solar plexus
    Self esteem
    The victim
    Energetic self-care

  • Module 4

    Mystical Sacred Heart

  • Module 5 – Part 1

    The Truth
    The divine speaking through you

  • Module 5 – Part 2

    Identifying ‘who am I ‘?
    Harness the mind
    Witch Wound

  • Module 6

    The Seer
    Inner vision
    The Clairs

  • Module 7

    Divine Grace
    Divine grace
    Modern prayer
    Dark night of the soul
    Balancing the cairn

  • Module 8

    Being a Soul first
    Electromagnetic energy field
    The aura
    The anatomy of the aura

  • Module 9

    Universal Laws
    The laws of the universe
    How it relates to our everyday life

  • Module 10

    Making the unconscious conscious
    Money consciousness
    Self-betrayal through conditioning
    8 worldly dharmas

  • Module 11

    Coming home
    Recognising your divinity
    Who do you think you are


Module 1 - Foundations
Consciousness, spirituality, meditation, Fearlessness, Chakra system and emotions in the body, Exploring beliefs and values,  Stress and the nervous system

$25 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 2 - Divine Feminine
Relationships, Creativity, The divine feminine, The sacral chakra, Womb clearings, Womb mandalas

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 3 - Sovereignty and Grace
The solar plexus, Power, Self esteem, The victim, Energetic self-care

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 4 - Mystical Sacred Heart
Forgiveness, Compassion, Self-love, Empathy, Shame, Self-rejection, Perfectionism

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 5 – Part 1 The Truth
Truth, Integrity, Lies, The divine speaking through you

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 5 – Part 2 - Identifying ‘who am I?'
Intention, Ego, Harness the mind, Witch Wound

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 6 - The Seer
Wisdom, Inner vision, Clarity, Intuition, The Clairs

$79 - Buy Now Full Price $158

Module 7 - Divine Grace
Divine grace, Contemplation, Modern prayer, Presence, Dark night of the soul
Balancing the cairn

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 8 - Being a Soul first
Electromagnetic energy field, The aura
The anatomy of the aura, Archetypes, Entrainment

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 9 - Universal Laws
The laws of the universe, How it relates to our everyday life, Realisations

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 10 - Making the unconscious conscious
Money consciousness, Self-betrayal through conditioning, Self-reverence, Duality, 8 worldly dharmas

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Module 11 - Coming home
Happiness, Health, Recognising your divinity, Who do you think you are

$79 - Buy NowFull Price $158

Is this for you?

Perfect for the spiritual seeker, the shadow hunter, the mystic, the intuitive, the empath, the sensitive, the yearning, the lost, the deep thinkers, the compassionate ones, the meditators. People who have experienced trauma, grief, loss, pain and suffering.

This is an experiential journey where each journey will be different but within the same blueprint to awakening that I have created. We move through different layers of consciousness at our own pace, constantly moving towards stillness – and ultimately alignment with our soul. 


  • “This course (The Spiritual Path to Awakening) allowed me to fall in love with myself over and over again.  To uncover more of the beauty within.  If has been an investment in knowing who I am and I have cherished every part of the journey!”
    Fiona, VIC.

  • “I can’t recommend Soul Bathing enough. Soul Bathing, for me, was a time to think, philosophically and guilt-free, about me and my direction in this ocean of chaos we call life. It was my favourite time of the week, set aside for learning, healing old wounds, and feeling the heart-warming stories of a beautiful group of ladies, all finding their way on different journeys of hardship. With the help of Rachel & Lyndsay, we all made a silent pact with ourselves to change our stories, to let go somehow, of all the burdens we carried for our loved ones, and their help and support throughout the six week journey will stay with me for life. A thousand thank yous for letting me be a part of this amazing course!”
    Belinda, Australia

  • “I first met Lyndsay when I was co-presenting at a retreat with her many years ago. I was immediately taken with her warmth and her infectious humour. She has a wonderful way with people, making one feel at peace and accepted in her presence. Lyndsay is an exceptional listener, but also a great contributor, the kind of person you can throw a curly question at and know you’ll get back a great answer to work through. I admire Lyndsay’s work and her calling to help people on their spritual journey, she truly walks the walk and keeps her own spiritual wellbeing front and centre so that she can best serve others. I had the honour of hosting Lyndsays’ Sister Circle in my venue for 12 months, it was a beautiful way for women to gather and grow together and people always commented how great the space felt after they had been there. The energy Lyndsay helps generate is palpable. This is a woman on a journey with the wherewithall to come back and let the rest of us know the way. Kind of like Siri but more personalised and not so worried about the fastest route.”
    Eileen Sims, Raw Ambition (plant based cooking school)

  • “This course(soul bathing) is amazing and will change your life, it’s tough because it forces you to really look within and there is no going back once you start down that path but worth every single minute. I have never talked so much about myself,cried or laughed with strangers in my life. I can’t recommend this enough, as someone who had to be dragged into attending I will be forever grateful that I did”
    Carissa, Australia

What if you were to step into the vibration of love, peace, presence and joy. No longer searching and doing, lost, unloved, confused, lonely, isolated but simply BEING. Being loved, found, unblocked, transformed, empowered, and free. 

You will be lovingly guided every step of the way, transforming old blocks/patterns/emotions/behaviours in the presence of consciousness, becoming clear on your values and beliefs, able to participate in authentic soulful and intuitive living and speaking your soul truth!  Our regular meditation practice will bring bliss, peace and stillness, and the ego will no longer be your default setting as you commit to surrendering to the wisdom of your body and consciousness.

The Spiritual Path to Awakening is a carefully documented, studied and walked course which affords the student the tools to realign themselves from the prison of conditioning, fear, ego, trauma, ill health and the trials of the mind that come from living this human experience. I’ll show you how to come back into alignment with your soul with a commitment to living and surrendering to the present moment as a truly conscious being.


Who on Earth is Lyndsay Wright?

This is all very well but you probably want to know a bit more about me and why you should entrust me to guide you right? 

I have spent my life dedicated to finding the deeper meaning, the subconscious experience of living. The lessons I teach are from my own journey and whilst we are all different, the emotions are the ones we all face!  Fear, acceptance, victimhood, forgiveness, love, approval, courage, power, esteem, being worthy – sound familiar? And the map? It’s the same for us all! We are all heading towards the wholeness of who we are at a divine level, beyond the ego and the suffering of our values and beliefs and conditionings. We venture deep into our soul, our spirit and the one consciousness that animates our human physical bodies. 

I have been a Person-Centred Counsellor for over 10 years, and naturally progressed into spiritual and deep soul work. A student of Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng as a founding student in their in-person School of Awakening, and having spent time with them in America and Australia at their school and retreats, I have done advanced training in Presence.

With a love of the beauty and mind training of Buddhism, I was a volunteer team member for his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on his Oceans of wisdom Tour in 2015. My extensive work and training in Mental Health including trauma and loss, Master NLP, Master Timeline Therapy, Master Hypnosis, Certificate in Psychophysiology (Brain, Body Medicine) ,certificated training in medical intuition and Meditation Teacher training not to mention my very own dark night of the soul,  has lead me to run numerous retreats, meditation classes, workshops, sister circles and my latest project working with students over 12 months as a spiritual teacher creating this Spiritual Mentorship course as a path for people to follow out of suffering. After not being able to save and losing both my parents, I foolishly decided to save everyone else …Big mistake!

Finally and painstakingly through a world of suffering and a bleeding heart, I realised I only needed to rescue myself! I now humbly share my learnings with you, warmly and compassionatley, through this on-line course. The course is not at all religious but takes in my inspirations which include Caroline Myss, Buddhism, Shamanism, mysticism, intuition, medical intuition, consciousness, meditation, healing, health, death, loss, fear, love, my beautiful clients and of course my teacher Eckhart Tolle. I want to share the teachings I have learned, which, while rooted in mysticism and the divine, focus on the emotions we all face in everyday life. You could say it’s practical spirituality, with a little humour for good measure! 

We will begin in our cocoon, transforming from within just like the butterfly.


  1. What currency is this in?
    All prices on the site are Australian dollars. We take PayPal payments which will sort out the conversion rate for you if you are using a different currency.
  2. Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
    Yes we have a 14 day refund guarantee wherby if it’s not for you you can get a full refund. Here is the policy
    This only applies to the complete online course and not the individual modules.
  3. How often will the modules be released?
    Every week for the Spiritual Path to Awakening Online course modules are released. Individual modules purchased are available instantly.
  4. How long will I have access to the course for?
    For your lifetime or the lifetime of the course if your payments are made as outlined and on time.
  5. How is the course delivered?
    Online in a membership area.
  6. Is there a payment plan?
    Yes, please see the different pricing options below.
  7. What support will I get on the course?
    If you buy ‘The Spiritual Path to Awakening Program’ or individual modules you get access to the full online program only.  Please see the ‘work with me’ section for more information on the Spiritual Direction Program. All other support will be general customer service support where you can get your questions answered.
  8. What results can I expect?
    Everybody’s results are different and you take full responsibility for your own results. This is an experiential course. If you complete the course in full and meditate daily or twice daily as your spiritual practice, your motivation and commitment to living an awakened life will be powerful and you will have the template to happiness, bliss, peace and of course spiritual awakening. You should experience increasing or expanding moments of connection to universal consciousness or the awakened state. You will see life through the lens of the soul and not the ego.
  9. Do I need to know how to meditate or have experience of awakening or spirituality?
    No experience necessary, anyone can do this course as long as they have a commitment to dive deep into their stuff, meditate daily, have the space to invite stillness into their life and feel ready to jump in. It’s courageous to walk the spiritual path, and it won’t be easy.
  10. How much time a week will I need to set aside for study?
    You will need to meditate daily for a minimum of 10 mins, ideally 20 mins.  Even though the course is delivered over 12 weeks you can take it at your own pace. Each module will take between 2 to 4 hours to complete, and a new module released every week.
    If you buy the modules individually you can purchase the next module whenever you finish your current one.
  11. How does buying the individual modules differ from purchasing ‘The Spiritual Path to Awakening Online Course’?
    Firstly it is cheaper to purchase the complete program. Modules will be released every  week. If you purchase individual modules you are working with an 11th of a program and even though the modules stand alone they are part of a larger whole. Lyndsay recommends you begin purchasing module 1 and after completion move on to purchase the second module and so on, rising in energy, understanding, wholeness and consciousness. The modules have been split up to make it more financially accessible to all. There are no refunds for purchasing individual modules. If you purchase all the individual modules 1 through to 11 you would have received the complete program of ‘The Spiritual Path to Awakening’.
  12. What are Lyndsay’s qualifications?
    Lyndsay is consciousness, a divine being who has suffered, however her earthly qualifications are Advanced training in Presence with Eckhart Tolle himself, Graduate Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Medical intuitive and Shamanic Energy Medicine, Master Time-Line Therapist, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, University Advanced Diploma in Trauma and Loss, Empath, Intuitive, who has lived through her own dark night of the soul and spiritual crisis and has come out on the other side.
  13. I have a general question that isn't addressed here. How do I contact you?
    Just email us at