Who on Earth is Lyndsay Wright?


  • Graduate Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling
  • University Advanced Diploma in Person-Centred approaches to Trauma and Loss
  • Graduate of The Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening 6 month Advanced training
  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Master Time-line Therapy
  • Master Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Brain Body Medicine (psychophysiology)
  • Certificate in Meditation Teaching and a member of the international meditation teacher training association (IMTTA)
  • Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Certificate in Medical Intuition

I have spent my life dedicated to finding the deeper meaning, the subconscious experience of living.  I spent 36 years in England my homeland before emigrating to Australia where I have lived for the past 8 years. The energy here is so different, so young, so light and spirited. The lessons I teach are from my own journey and whilst we are all different, the emotions are the ones we all face!  Fear, acceptance, victimhood, forgiveness, love, approval, courage, power, esteem, being worthy – sound familiar? And the map? It’s the same for us all! We are all heading towards the wholeness of who we are at a divine level, beyond the ego and the suffering of our values and beliefs and conditionings. We venture deep into our soul, our spirit and the one consciousness that animates our human physical bodies.

I began a humble life in poverty and the youngest of 6 children. Life was fun, free but at the same time heavy and unconscious, a mix of divine and unconscious. My twenties were spent partying after I lost my dad to a heart attack and the beginning of my journey on the spiritual path to awakening. A deep intuitive empathic soul...I was lost. Anxiety brought me to hypnotherapy where my yearning to help people out of suffering began.

I have been a Person-Centred Counsellor for over 10 years, and naturally progressed into spiritual and deep soul work. A student of Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng as a founding student in their in-person School of Awakening, and having spent time with them in America and Australia at their school and retreats, I have completed advanced training in Presence.

With a love of the beauty and mind training of Buddhism, I was a volunteer team member for his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on his Oceans of wisdom Tour in 2015. My extensive work and training in Mental Health including trauma and loss, Master NLP, Master Timeline Therapy, Master Hypnosis, Certificate in Psychophysiology (Brain, Body Medicine), Certificate in medical intuition and Meditation Teacher training not to mention my very own dark night of the soul and my intuitive abilities,  has led me to run numerous retreats, meditation classes, workshops, sister circles and my latest project working with students over 12 months as a spiritual teacher creating The Spiritual Path to Awakening and Spiritual Mentorship Program as a path for people to follow out of suffering. After not being able to save and losing both my parents, I foolishly decided to save everyone else …Big mistake!

20 years on, finally and painstakingly through a world of suffering and a bleeding heart, I realised I only needed to rescue myself! I now humbly share my learnings with you, warmly and compassionately, through our work together. My work is not at all religious but takes in inspirations which include Caroline Myss, Buddhism, Shamanism, mysticism, intuition, medical intuition, consciousness, meditation, healing, health, death, loss,suffering, fear, love, my beautiful clients and of course my teacher Eckhart Tolle. I want to share the teachings I have learned, which, while rooted in mysticism and the divine, focus on the emotions we all face in everyday life. You could say it’s practical spirituality, with a little humour for good measure! 

We will begin in our cocoon, transforming from within just like the butterfly.