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 Lyndsay Wright (Qualified Counsellor/Mystic)

Hey friend,

Welcome! This is your invitation to start your Spiritual Path to Awakening.

I invite you to start the journey to free yourself from the effects of your life traumas, pain, and fear. I want you to take this spiritual journey out of your conditioning and into YOUR freedom and joy, beyond the suffering, so that you are free to reach your highest potential.

This 12-week program is an immersion into yourself, an exploration of what we mystical intuitive women call, Shadow Work. You will explore the darkest parts of yourself through a lens of shining love and compassion, which will allow you to transform your pain, grief, and trauma into love.

This program has been designed for the intuitive, empathic, and heart-centered woman, who wants to return to their whole self, flowing, loving, fearless and divine. 

I want you to awaken to a life that is beyond fear, ego, thoughts, trauma, the past and karma, so that you can enter a life that is centred around exploring meditation, shadow work, and surrendering to life beyond the mind, in direct realisation of divine consciousness.

Whether you identify as a spiritual seeker, healer, therapist, artist, creative, entrepreneur, yogi, or intuitive, you can prepare to meet yourself with the guidance of a compassionate, conscious teacher. 

My hope is to guide you through your Spiritual Path to Awakening, so that you can free yourself from the chains and patterns of the past, and bring into alignment your true nature, your true potential, and loving presence.

Love Lyndsay x

Eileen Sims, Raw Ambition (plant based cooking school)
Carissa, Australia

Many of us have been suffering

The events of the last few years have lifted the veil on our own suffering. Being forced to spend more time with ourselves has caused many of us to acknowledge we are not ok, and many of us have been suffering for a lifetime or beyond.

You might have directly experienced pain, abuse, loss or grief through the impact of accident, disease, or conditioned ego. Or maybe you are intuitive or empathic and are weighed down by the collective, unconscious, fog of pain. The weight of that pain can be immense. You might feel that you are alone, and that no one understands.

You ARE NOT alone.

Your current suffering may be the catalyst to realising there is something greater out there for you than your pain. Freedom and peace beyond what you may think are available to you in the present moment is possible. There has never been a better time or potential for Awakening; both collectively and individually. Together we can transform the collective evolution of humanity.

You are more than your experiences | There IS something beyond your pain.

This program will be your guiding light on your Spiritual Path to Awakening. It will enable you to empower and restore your whole self and find where you belong. You will learn how to access your grace; the nurturing power you hold within yourself, and awaken to a conscious life beyond fear, ego, thought, trauma, past, and karma.


Awakening can sometimes be a lonely and fearful experience, especially if you are trying to go it alone. It’s easy to get stuck because you don’t know the right direction to take. You may be asking yourself - Where am I going? What is happening to me? Why am I here? What is my purpose? These questions open  the door to a vortex of self-doubt, inner turmoil, and indecision.

This program was designed to help you navigate the dark and vulnerable places within yourself with the help of someone who has been through the same experience. It IS possible for you to awaken and transform from these illusions. You can achieve this direct revelation with consciousness, joy, peace, love, and freedom through spiritual teachings and meditation. 


What the program covers

The program offers 12 modules and includes daily spiritual practice to transform you from Fear to Love, Unconscious to Conscious. The content is delivered over 12 weeks, and can be completed at your own pace.

You will first learn about the energy centres of the body, the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual elements. This knowledge unlocks you from your unconscious, releasing your potential. Moving through the later modules, you will explore deeper into awakening consciousness to uncover joy and your true nature. Meditation is your daily practice to accompany the teachings.

The course content is accompanied by video and audio to guide you along your journey.

For the full details see ‘The structure section’ below and click on the individual modules.

Lindie Spirit Medium
Hi I'm Lindie Spirit Medium and I have been on the spiritual path for decades.
Ive had grief, trauma, amazing highs, terrible lows and the amazing transformations that the spiritual world offers. Lyndsay embodies the spiritual world like a mystical goddess. The real deal when it comes to the practice of spirituality, personal development and presence. Lyndsay has amazing integrity, is fun, deeply compassionate and a great teacher and counsellor. She has a personal connection with the universe that is unwavering. Do yourself and the universe a favour, get yourself booked on The Spiritual Path to Awakening and go on a deep soulful journey to find joy, peace and freedom.

My road to Awakening has been a long one. I speak from experience when I  recommend that you don’t walk the spiritual path alone.

I have personally experienced many dark nights of the soul and had begun my search as a Spiritual Seeker before I even realised I was on a spiritual path. Throughout this journey, I experienced many ups and downs, including the loss of my parents.

In the beginning, my search opened me up to energies I wasn’t prepared for; Sound Healings and Chakra Meditations were opening my energies to more and more Awakenings of self, including Psychic Awakenings, and I found myself lost in the spiritual world. An empathic sponge: ungrounded, unprotected, feeling like a victim and without direction.

While working as a Counsellor I even experienced physical reactions to people’s trauma. It was then I became more aware of a deeper dimension at play in the universe and learned to embody the realisation of oneness - the missing ingredient through all my spiritual seekings and the key to finding the most graceful way to master it all.

Using what I have learned, and filled with the desire to help others process and heal from their traumas, I created this course to help you on your Spiritual Path to Awakening.

‘By bringing awareness, love, joy, forgiveness, and transformation into our lives we can face challenges head-on, rescuing ourselves…I am no longer a hostage, I am at peace.’ ‘This course provides a safe place to dive deep into the psyche. A fertile landscape waiting to be cultivated through the Spiritual Path to Awakening.’

- Jo Rivera, Melbourne


I have been on this journey for 20 years, and I have been a Counsellor for 13 of those years.

After I graduated from University in 2008,  I began my counselling journey in private practice. 

In the course of my Awakening, I was privileged to be a student of Eckhart Tolle as a founding student in Eckhart’s in-person School of Awakening. I have attended retreats in both Australia and the US, and advanced training in Presence.

During His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s Oceans of Wisdom Tour in 2015, I was honoured to be a part of the Volunteer team. His compassion and joy has always inspired me. After the death of my parents, in my search for peace and happiness, my interest in deeper Buddhist teachings unfolded, and I also began to explore teachings from the beautiful Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron.


My research and passion also extend into Meditation, Shamanism, Shadow work, Archetypes, Medical Intuition, Healing, Health, Happiness, Joy, Death, Loss, Energy, Ego, Suffering, Fear, Love, and Enlightenment. 

We are all on our own journeys but the emotions we face on the way; fear, acceptance, victimhood, forgiveness, love, approval, courage, power, esteem, being worthy, and so on – are something we all have in common.

I have drawn from this experience, and combined my expertise, interests, and passions together to create a uniquely powerful program, designed to share the teachings I have developed. Allowing women to face and awaken from everyday fears and triggers to uncover their true power and highest potential.

Graduate Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling | University Advanced Diploma in Person-Centred approaches to Trauma and Loss | Graduate of The Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening | Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming | Master Timeline Therapy | Master Hypnosis | Certificate in Brain Body Medicine (psychophysiology) | Certificate in Meditation Teaching | Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner | Certificate in Medical Intuition


Who are you? What is ego? What is thought? What is emotion


Shine a light of consciousness on old wounds. You will no longer feel trapped by your past, fear, experiences, karma, ancestral lineage, or trauma.


Through a meditation practice you will experience and know the deeper I that connects us all. You will embody freedom, joy, peace, and direct revelation with consciousness.


Have fun exploring the natural side effect of awakening - Intuition. Learn confidently about your psychic abilities.


Transform old pain and triggers through body awareness. Build awareness and strength in your energy body.


Otherwise known as Energy Medicine, when we understand and explore our personal experience between our thoughts and emotions and how they can manifest as disease in the physical body.


Living mindfully, deepen into Joy, love, freedom. Harnessing presence to live in your highest potential.


You will no longer need to fill a hole within you as you will know what this life is all about, conscious, awake to it all beyond mind and emotions and past and triggers.


Learning to use your nervous system and your body to lean into life.


There is no need to control anything. accepting the moment as it arises in front of you in present time. What you accept you go beyond.

This course is created for women, or those who identify as women, who have experienced suffering; whether it be physical, psychological, or spiritual. Those who have a rawness and sensitivity to life compelling them to help others; guided by deep compassion from their own experiences or trauma.

Open the door and let the light in.

The structure


The self-study program contains 12 modules with over 14 hours of video, plus a series of meditations to accompany the teachings. You will be provided access to audio, journal questions, resource guides, Q&A sections, bonuses, and helpful blogs.


The full Spiritual Direction Program. If you are really wanting to work one-to-one with myself on The Spiritual Path to Awakening, I have limited places this year. You will get The self-study program over 6 months (instead of 3) plus a two hour zoom session with myself each month. This is personal spiritual direction designed for you. You will need to be dedicated to your spiritual growth to chose this option. A waiting list may apply.

  • Module 1

    Consciousness, spirituality, meditation
    Chakra system and emotions in the body
    Exploring beliefs and values
    Stress and the nervous system

  • Module 2

    Divine Feminine
    The divine feminine
    The sacral chakra
    Womb clearings
    Womb mandalas

  • Module 3

    Sovereignty and Grace
    The solar plexus
    Self esteem
    The victim
    Energetic self-care

  • Module 4

    Mystical Sacred Heart

  • Module 5 - Part 1

    The Truth
    The divine speaking through you

  • Module 5 - Part 2

    Identifying ‘who am I ‘?
    Harness the mind
    Witch Wound

  • Module 6

    The Seer
    Inner vision
    The Clairs

  • Module 7

    Divine Grace
    Divine grace
    Modern prayer
    Dark night of the soul
    Balancing the cairn

  • Module 8

    Being a Soul first
    Electromagnetic energy field
    The aura
    The anatomy of the aura

  • Module 9

    Universal Laws
    The laws of the universe
    How it relates to our everyday life

  • Module 10

    Making the unconscious conscious
    Money consciousness
    Self-betrayal through conditioning
    8 worldly dharmas

  • Module 11

    Coming home
    Recognising your divinity
    Who do you think you are


Module 1 - Foundations

Consciousness, spirituality, meditation, Fearlessness, Chakra system and emotions in the body, Exploring beliefs and values,  Stress and the nervous system

Module 2 - Divine Feminine

Relationships, Creativity, The divine feminine, The sacral chakra, Womb clearings, Womb mandalas

Module 3 - Sovereignty and Grace

The solar plexus, Power, Self esteem, The victim, Energetic self-care

Module 4 - Mystical Sacred Heart

Forgiveness, Compassion, Self-love, Empathy, Shame, Self-rejection, Perfectionism

Module 5 – Part 1 The Truth

Truth, Integrity, Lies, The divine speaking through you

Module 5 – Part 2 - Identifying ‘who am I?'

Intention, Ego, Harness the mind, Witch Wound

Module 6 - The Seer

Wisdom, Inner vision, Clarity, Intuition, The Clairs

Module 7 - Divine Grace

Divine grace, Contemplation, Modern prayer, Presence, Dark night of the soul Balancing the cairn

Module 8 - Being a Soul first

Electromagnetic energy field, The aura The anatomy of the aura, Archetypes, Entrainment

Module 9 - Universal Laws

The laws of the universe, How it relates to our everyday life, Realisations

Module 10 - Making the unconscious conscious

Money consciousness, Self-betrayal through conditioning, Self-reverence, Duality, 8 worldly dharmas

Module 11 - Coming home

Happiness, Health, Recognising your divinity, Who do you think you are


Presence is the highest teaching anyone can learn on the spiritual path. It is the end of searching. It is the one thing missing from most Therapy sessions, keeping people trapped in their past.

This module alone is priceless and may transcend all other modules. In case you’re wondering - yes you can do it! If you are here reading this, you can do it!



A series of 6 interviews with the beautiful Spiritual Teacher Isis Arjeta in Hawaii who is living to her highest potential and sharing wisdom to serve healing and higher consciousness.
An interview with an awakening Shaman Jo Rivera on her spiritual path as she shares an unusual psychic awakening, Kundalini rising, and energetic connection through dreams.


Learn how to create a sacred space physically and energetically and why sacred spaces are important in spiritual practices.


A bonus teaching on the divine masculine. It's a great opportunity to explore this beautiful energy and how we embrace the yang in our own energy and not look for a knight in shining armour to ride in and save us! We are the one we are waiting for.


Access to the ‘Big Picture’ 4-Part video series and accompanying worksheets.This video and worksheet series is from the ‘Retreat at Home Program’ and demonstrates a powerful practice of conscious manifesting through visualisation.
Lyndsay Wright is a Counsellor and Mystic. 20 years on the spiritual path Lyndsay has run retreats, workshops, mentorships, sister circles and meditation classes, alongside a 13 year private Counselling practice. Lyndsay lives by the ocean in Australia where she works with intuitive, empathic, heart-centred women around the world to awaken from suffering, unlock their highest potential, and live in freedom and Joy.

We will begin in our cocoon, transforming from within just like the butterfly.

The Spiritual Path To Awakening Program Summary

Here is everything you’ll receive when you enroll:

12 week online program with Lyndsay Wright

The self-study program contains 12 modules with over 14 hours of video, plus a series of meditations to accompany the teachings. You will be provided access to audio, journal questions, resource guides, Q&A sections, bonuses, and helpful blogs.


The full Spiritual Direction Program. If you are really wanting to work one-to-one with myself on The Spiritual Path to Awakening, I have limited places this year. You will get The self-study program over 6 months (instead of 3) plus a two hour zoom session with myself each month. This is personal spiritual direction designed for you. You will need to be dedicated to your spiritual growth to chose this option. A waiting list may apply.

Plus receive five special bonuses

Bonus #1:

The Presence Series  includes how to overcome triggers and retrain the nervous system to embody presence and quieten the mind.

Bonus #2:

Interview series: Spiritual Wisdom and higher consciousness with Isis Arjeta and interview with past student and emerging Shaman Jo Rivera.

Bonus #3:

Sacred Spaces in spiritual Practice (stepping into the timeless realm)

Bonus #4:

Divine Masculine: embodying our own knight in shining armor

Bonus #5:

Conscious manifesting through visualisation with Lyndsay Wright

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