The Awakened Soul

Find freedom from fear - Awaken to presence

A NEW 6 week live program


For the

Conscious Spiritual Seeker

We live in uncomfortable and scary times and there is a real lack of hope when we are completely identified with what is going on in our mind and around us.

This program is a LIVE program to awaken from fear to the absolute joy of living. Liberated from our mind, stress, negative emotions, patterns and unnecessary pain and suffering to embody presence, peace and the wise teachings of awakening.

Many of us are stressed out of our eyeballs and it doesn't have to be this way. There is an alternative. It’s my job at this time to help people out of the dark into the light.

This will be a soul nurturing and awakening experience to show you the map to hope, love, peace, joy and the awakened way of living.  From fear to love.

I am a mystic and a counsellor and I have been doing this work for 20 years. It first began with my suffering of grief and anxiety after losing my parents, I found myself walking the spiritual path alone.

20 years on I'm here to guide others out of any confusion or suffering and on the right path. I was born for these times and it’s my pleasure to share what I have learned.

Kimberley Laurence - Miss Intuitive and founder of Moonbeams, Sydney
Lyndsay not only walks the talk she lives it! She’s my go-to when I need a deeper spiritual perspective because she is an authentic mystic goddess and does the work on herself too. She’s magic and intuitive but has a great sense of humour. Love you girl! Thanks for lighting my path with truth and joy. X

I have a super special invitation for you. A small group awakening. 12 Live classes over 6 weeks where we will connect, with teachings, Q&As, meditations, group work and support each other to awaken.

Let me light your path and guide you to awaken from fear into the joy of awakened being. Presence is the underlying awareness we will be training in over the 6 weeks. We will be exploring transcending the mind, negative emotions, old trauma or pain and transforming into The Awakened Soul. An embodied present joyful soul, who has learnt the ancient wisdom of deepening into consciousness and living as the loving witness.



Presence training


Self-healing from negative emotions and behaviours


Freedom from mind-identified suffering and fear


Awakening to consciousness


Clearing energetic blocks in the body


Creating a spiritual practice


Uncovering joy and loving awareness


Becoming a finder - the search for the answers is over.


Awakening to intuition, wisdom and universal intelligence.


I have a small number of spots because I like connection, intimacy and attending to my students. I like to feel into the spirit of life that we all share with the sentient beings in front of me. Hopefully, it can become a thing for more people in the future, but we're starting small. To see how we go!

If you want to be part of the conscious revolution and be the conscious change you want to see in the world, you want to reduce your stress, you want to learn presence, or you're a mystic, an intuitive, a healer, therapist or a heart centred seeker on the spiritual path, this is your invitation.

This will be a fun, loving, practical, living, conscious entity of its own, an experiential experience in a small group of awakening sentient beings. The expectation is that you will meditate each day and be committed to the spiritual path, to your awakening. When we come together for LIVE classes in sacred space, I will teach presence and awakening, plus facilitate Q and As, group work and meditations. I’m so excited to meet you and get started.

“Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.
Between the two my life flows.”
Nisargadatta Maharaj

The structure

Classes begin Tuesday the 28st of September Australian time 7:30pm AEST.

If this timezone doesn’t suit you, please email for the possibility of a USA/Canada time zone. If you can’t join live all material will be available on replay apart from the small group work. More groups may become available if the need arises.

  • Module 1

    Consciousness, spirituality, meditation
    Chakra system and emotions in the body
    Exploring beliefs and values
    Stress and the nervous system

  • Module 2

    Divine Feminine
    The divine feminine
    The sacral chakra
    Womb clearings
    Womb mandalas

  • Module 3

    Sovereignty and Grace
    The solar plexus
    Self esteem
    The victim
    Energetic self-care

  • Module 4

    Mystical Sacred Heart

  • Module 5 - Part 1

    The Truth
    The divine speaking through you

  • Module 5 - Part 2

    Identifying ‘who am I ‘?
    Harness the mind
    Witch Wound

  • Module 6

    The Seer
    Inner vision
    The Clairs

  • Module 7

    Divine Grace
    Divine grace
    Modern prayer
    Dark night of the soul
    Balancing the cairn

  • Module 8

    Being a Soul first
    Electromagnetic energy field
    The aura
    The anatomy of the aura

  • Module 9

    Universal Laws
    The laws of the universe
    How it relates to our everyday life

  • Module 10

    Making the unconscious conscious
    Money consciousness
    Self-betrayal through conditioning
    8 worldly dharmas

  • Module 11

    Coming home
    Recognising your divinity
    Who do you think you are


Week 1 90 minute class: I am not my body

Welcome and introductions within the group. Awakening from the physical body. The separation of your awareness from your body. ‘Sensing’ into the life force within. Clearing energetic blocks. Reflection and practice for the week ahead.

Plus 45min class: Q&A and group meditation.


Week 2 90 mins: I am not my mind

Awakening from the Karma of mind. This is amazing at liberating you from suffering. We will look at the 2 types of suffering and how to transcend. Resistance and acceptance/allowing, discussion and exploration through activities, group work. Reflection and practice for the week ahead.

Plus 45min class: Q&A and group meditation.


Week 3 90 mins: I am the witness

Who ‘I am’. Working with thought, understanding the energy of thought, witnessing thought, exploring the witness. Reflection and practice for the week ahead.

Plus 45min class: Q&A and group meditation.


Week 4 90 minutes: Ego: Making the unconscious conscious and why.

Understanding and harnessing the ego. Leaning in as loving awareness to pain bodies. Reflection and practice for the week ahead.

Plus 45min class: Q&A and group meditation.


Week 5 90 minutes: Awakening from emotions.

Working with the regulation of emotions. Working with emotions as a phenomenon. Processing emotions through leaning in and facing what's frozen in time. Reflection and practice for the week ahead.

Plus 45min class: Q&A and group meditation.


Week 6 90 minutes: Home: Pure Awareness.

Non-duality, love, Surrender, unblocking, intuition, Joy and the purpose of spiritual practice in accessing the field of oneness. Presence and Living in the field of consciousness. Reflection and practice for the week ahead.

Plus 45min class: Q&A and group meditation.

This is a unique time for us, living on a tightrope of awareness between conscious and unconscious. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the awakening and move beyond the limitations of your unconscious conditioning? If so let me take you on the journey home awakened Soul.

Content subject to change.


Teacher Bio

Lyndsay Wright is a Counsellor and Mystic. 20 years on the spiritual path Lyndsay has run retreats, workshops, mentorships, sister circles and meditation classes, alongside a 13-year private Counselling practice. Lyndsay lives by the ocean in Australia where she works with intuitive, empathic, heart-centred beings around the world to awaken from suffering, unlock their highest potential, and live in freedom and Joy.

The Awakened Soul

Here is everything you’ll receive when you join:

6- Week LIVE 90minute Zoom classes (small) with Lyndsay Wright

6- LIVE group Meditation and Q&A sessions with Lyndsay Wright

Introductory price

One Payment of $597
Sorry sold out


2 x Monthly Payments
of $321

Schedule for current LIVE Program on Zoom*

Tuesday 28th September 7:30pm AEST 90 mins
Thursday 30th September 7:30pm AEST 45mins

Tuesday 5th October 7:30pm AEDT 90 mins
Thursday 7th October 7:30pm AEDT 45mins

Tuesday 12th October 7:30pm AEDT 90 mins
Thursday 14th October 7:30pm AEDT 45 mins

Tuesday 19th October 7:30pm AEDT 90mins
Thursday 21st October 7:30pm AEDT 45mins

Tuesday 26th October 7:30pm AEDT 90 mins
Thursday 28th October 7:30pm AEDT 45mins

Tuesday 2nd November 7:30pm AEDT 90 mins
Thursday 4th November 7:30pm AEDT 45 mins

*Subject to change