Are your thoughts making you sick? Find out how to fix it quick smart

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Hello from your Happy Hit. How are you?

I have been on extended holiday leave, reading, researching, retreating and now back ready to get moving again onwards and upwards raising my vibration and creating holistic healing products and services.  

What’s new? I have prepared a variety of positive statements and affirmations to keep you on track for healthy and light minded mental health. I will be sending them out occasionally instead of my blog and posting them on our facebook page regularly.

Have you been making use of the free services available in our Retreat at Home Program – remember it’s there for you and if you don’t want to do the program there is still audio downloads of affirmation audios and meditations and our newest edition from Natalie Briney The Perth Artist has gifted us her colouring in page.

Today’s blog is about energy. Did you know thoughts are energy? They have a vibration. Every thought you have affects your environment and interactions with others. As an empath I am massively affected by people’s energy including thought. I can sense vibration as it impacts my own vibration and energy. Meditation really helps me ground myself and helps me enforce my own energy and intuition moves me away from vibes I don’t like. Are you an empath? Are you affected by other people’s energy? Are you consciously aware of how other people make you feel when you are in their company. How does your energy impact others?

So getting back to the thought is energy thing… if every thought sends out a vibration you embody that vibration… metaphorically I see it as if you drop something in a pond and you have a ripple effect all the way around the object. People also see this as an aura or an ethereal body. When we have thoughts they are received by our body’s neurons as instructions and we embody them, we are psychosomatic, we are holistic, we embody our thoughts. Our receptors don’t question whether these thoughts are good or bad for our health, they are received very clearly as instructions and are carried out. Thoughts create our reality.  Examples of common instructions from working with many clients are:

I’m not enough.

I’m not worthy.

I’m not loveable.

By reviewing how you want your moments to be on this day, and monitoring your thoughts like an overprotective parent in each moment watching a child near a busy road, you can switch your vibration from low thoughts of fear, stress, anxiety, criticism and judgement to joy, happy, bliss, love and peace. This is why affirmations and positive self care routines can help a person who is depressed or anxious or stressed. It switches your focus from mindless negative self talk to mindful positive self talk. You will stop attracting the vibration you were on and change the course of your life. Our vibration is like a magnet it brings back to us our own vibration. Who are you and what are you attracting into your life? Raise your vibration with positive thoughts and self care and attract the same vibration.

Sad brings sad, fear brings fear, joy brings joy, fun brings fun. What do you want?

It really is a choice. Need help with your positive thoughts?

Top Tips – read fabulous books from the great authors, download your affirmations audio and play it around the house and on car journeys, your unconscious mind will hear it even when you’re not listening and really importantly – meditate. Clear your mind of all the crap and make way for something new. Take the time to organise a self care plan of meditation, good company, affirmations and positive thoughts, healing foods – food also has a vibration of which wholefoods have the highest, vegetables, nuts, seeds. You will soon spot what isn’t resonating with your new vibe.

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

Until next time – watch out for my new beautiful positive thought and affirmation posts on facebook.

P.S The smashing Happiness online course is in production (or maybe I call it The Happily Me course – I haven’t decided) expected launch date 13 Feb International Self-Love Day. Expecting to Transform lives from fear to Happiness (it’s not all fluffy thought, its deeeeeppp healing with expert guidance).

Love Lyndsay Happily_me_heart_small