Unapologetically authentic

Unapologetically Authentic

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Authenticity I read a really great article which I shared on Facebook yesterday, it was on how depression (pressing down of emotions) is in cases caused by a lack of self-expression. Situations where we are unable to be present as our true honest selves, instead pushing down our emotions. Why would we do that? And let’s be honest we all …

Are you holding the world together?

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You carry so much, let it go, let it be all in its place, allow everything to unfold. Do not hold on to it, holding on to it does not help get a clear, flowing and conscious outcome. ¬†It gets an outcome driven by fear, restrained, contained and controlled. When we allow fear to take charge we stop the flow. …

Stress – How it could be killing YOU

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Fight or flight is triggered when a person becomes aware of a possible danger or fear through a message sent from the brain to the body. The person has increased mental awareness and alertness. The body reacts by releasing adrenaline and releasing cortisol and hormones into the body which activates violent ¬†muscle tension as preparation to run or fight. After …