Are you holding the world together?

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You carry so much, let it go, let it be all in its place, allow everything to unfold. Do not hold on to it, holding on to it does not help get a clear, flowing and conscious outcome.  It gets an outcome driven by fear, restrained, contained and controlled. When we allow fear to take charge we stop the flow.  Stop apologising for your space, expand, ooze, relax, let go, breathe deeply. Let go of holding everyone else together. Is that your lesson to hold the world together? What would happen if you let it go? Do you have space to let it go? Whatever you are holding can you just let it go and let nature and the flow of life and anyone who needs to step up or in or out?

Not having the answers is OK. Can you trust that not having the answers could be OK for you and just be. Who would you be today if you could allow yourself to be, unapologetically just be, whoever that is today.

Feel the lightness of knowing, giving yourself permission to be whoever you need to be, feel the lightness, imagine you have just been granted ‘the chosen one!’ to be accepted, fully owning your presence in the world amongst others and in solitude, who would you be? Remember you are free, the chosen one to be totally accepted, how does that feel? Any different? The same? Free? Who are you? What are you doing? Where are you taking more risks? Who are you not afraid to love? Who are you not afraid to let walk out of your life? What are you not afraid to say? Who are you without ego or defence?

Feel it, see it, taste it, visualise who you are in that moment. Is this person different or the same? What positive learnings can you take from this free chosen you? Close your eyes and associate into your scene and live it, breathe it.Feel what it is like as you, soak it in.

I just wanted to share this food for thought and finish by asking is your heart aligned with your life? This article may give you some clues about that. Imagine if we just knew everything would work out just fine, how much comfort would you take from that knowing? If you knew it will all just work out fine in the divine order of the universe, there was no need to hold everything together, in fact life was just easier if you didn’t because everything will work out just fine anyway, so why hold on so tightly, loosen your grip, relax the fight, exhale that sigh, you carry so much, let it go, let it be all in its place, allow everything to unfold.

So whoever you are today and however you find yourself today I meet you there.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field. I will meet you there.”  Rumi

Love Lyndsay apple-icon-72x72