Unapologetically authentic

Unapologetically Authentic

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I read a really great article which I shared on Facebook yesterday, it was on how depression (pressing down of emotions) is in cases caused by a lack of self-expression. Situations where we are unable to be present as our true honest selves, instead pushing down our emotions. Why would we do that? And let’s be honest we all do it or have done it to differing degrees in our lives.

Well there are ohh so many reasons – not wanting to stand out, not wanting attention, not feeling good enough, it’s not safe, fear of confrontation, fear of being turned away from the herd, wanting to be loved, wanting to be accepted and approved of.

SO, I have a fun challenge! TO BE AUTHENTIC FOR 24 HOURS.

Think – where in my day can I just show up and be unapologetically me? FREE and authentic. What would that look like for me, for others, what fears does that conjure up? what joy does it bring up?

Who can you be authentic around? and who can’t you be? Is there a pattern? What positive learnings can you take from this?

If it’s safe for you, DO you fancy doing it for 24 hours and see what happens? I tell you what, I’m going to do it too… Purposefully, nonconforming, free to be my hippy self, saying what I feel, responding with my heart, getting my words out, being immediate with every little emotion, saying, doing, being organic in each moment, really being present in each moment!

Who knows it might even change our lives 😉 woo hoo Happily Me.

See you on the otherside, comment below if you like. I would love to here if you got into the challenge and come on over to Facebook to join our community. www.facebook.com/happilymetherapy


Love Lyndsay Happily_me_heart_small