I’m in Brisbane with my hero The Dalai Lama (enlightened sigh)

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Hi from a warm and cheery Queensland.  I’m currently in Brisbane working with The Dalai Lama as a volunteer team member. I just wanted to share some pictures from the trip and share my journey so far.

As I set off on the plane for this exciting trip I was reading Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power of Now’, a fabulous read about staying in the present, I made a promise to myself to stay in the now whilst on my trip. When you’re in the present moment there is no fear or anxiety or suffering.

I knew travelling solo could throw up lots of planning and fear of the unknown and put a limit on my exploring. By focusing my mind to come back to now and the breath, I managed to get up to a whole load of stuff I otherwise wouldn’t have achieved.  Last night after going out on the town on my own in a strange city I ended up venturing to the Theatre to watch a show. I had a fantastic night out living in the now. By staying in the moment and not allowing fear or anxiety to plan my evening I became free and fearless, it was a great place for me to hold myself in my mind in that fearlessness.

Today was a dream come true, I was able to be in the team line up with two other volunteers and I got to meet, greet and thank His Holiness The Dalai Lama at the end of our first day of the Brisbane tour. So here I am in a new state, living in the now surrounded by strangers/new friends shaking hands with my living hero. Miracles sure can happen in the power of now. Here are a few pictures. Us girls have smiles from ear to ear. What will tomorrow bring?

Dalai Lama 1 Threatre Volunteers

Love Lyndsay