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It all began 24 July 2001 with the death of my Darling Dad.

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I had finished my Management and Tourism Degree and was working in travel management, it was a greedy competitive corporate world. I was flying through life stressed, over worked, over playing, burnt out from partying, holidays and giving giving giving with no self investment or self worth and then my whole life changed in an instant.  Off to pick up the cheque off my sister for our next holiday adventure with friends, I heard the most dreaded and awful news off my mum, I had to go home the police were there and my loving Dad, my hero, idol, love of my life had died, dropped dead, found in the middle of the road, cold and alone by a passer by.

This was the end of everything I knew. I was thrown into despair and doom and fear and so much sadness. It was such a horrible time for us all. My dad had left my mum, my siblings and I and 3 grandchildren in a world of pain and sorrow and we didn’t know what to do, or how to be. It was painful, it was really painful and we all had to muddle through it as best we could.

It took two years before I left the job I had now come to hate, you see after my dad died I questioned what life was all about, what was the purpose, working for a company that was manipulative and unconscious had made me feel very nauseous and I could no longer face the corporate world. Someone who gave and gave and had been brought up to be conscientious and helpful in the workplace had realised how manipulated and uncared for I was in this massive corporation. I took other management jobs in weird places but really I was lost, these places were not my home.

Yearning to escape my gorgeous husband (Mr Happy) and I saved up to go on a big adventure. When life gets tough I would often dream of big adventures, I am an EPIC daydreamer! When the pressure gets too high I like to party and dance and break the intensity with fun. My boss wouldn’t let me go, so I resigned and off we went to Australia.

We travelled, we were free, we felt, we read, we ate, we swam in the ocean, we went on boat rides, and met dingoes and crocodiles, we met amazing people, we saw amazing things and we felt alive. I read a lot, lots of self help books, listened to a lot of music, and it was sooo healing. I knew it intrinsically I needed to take a break from life, to get off the rollercoaster of responsibility and mediocreness and find meaning and purpose; get in touch with Lyndsay again, Happy me, fun me, compassionate and warm me. It was here in Australia you see with all the relaxation and nurturing of my soul that I was able to heal. It is only when you are in a state of relaxation that you can heal, that is when I had my epiphany. …I want to help people who are hurting, I woke in the middle of the night sat bolt upright and knew I wanted to become a counsellor. I wanted to help other people who are wandering around in the dark, lost, frightened, alone, not knowing where the light will come from or if it will be light again at all. People so full of fear and anxiety and stress driving their bodies into the ground, over worked or under loved, I know their pain, I knew their sadness, their isolation, their terror as I had lived it and I knew I could help. So there began Lyndsay Wright Person-Centred Counsellor, Master Neuro-linguistic programmer, Hypnotist, Meditation teacher, Retreat Facilitator, NLP Coach, Empath, Intuitive, public speaker, healer and founder of Happily Me. 14 years on here we are helping and healing and conscious and ready, open to help and having already helped thousands of people in the 10 years since I began my counselling work. 14 years of healing and 10 years of helping others and now I want to help millions to make a difference!

I am so grateful of course to my hero my dad who always taught me I could be anything I wanted to be on those car journeys to and from my waitressing jobs and my weekend jobs and off to University, you always took the time for me to know ‘I could do anything’ Thank you.

Today is the 14 year anniversary of my amazing Dad’s death and a while back I decided on one special day a year I would do something special for the Happily Me tribe. Well my intuition and premonition has arrived in perfect timing and synchronicity, at our first Happily Me breakfast meeting discussing the pricing and structure of our Retreat At Home Program, struggling for clarity, knowing there was something blocking me from moving forward, BOOM it arrived. The Retreat At Home is supposed to be FREE! From death there is a beautiful happy birth.

Yey! we (Mr Happy and I) celebrate the genius- buy a cake, high five and head off to do some errands. In a meeting at the bank staring at me 24 JULY 15 on the calendar – The 14 year anniversary of Dad’s death, perfect timing synchronicity everything in the right place at the right time, good intention, a purpose, divine timing, everything aligned, from a day of pain to a day of joy! (14 is my favourite number too).

Make the time, make the space in your life to heal, you are worth it and you do deserve it. You are loved and enough.

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Make the time, make the space in your life to heal, you are worth it and you do deserve it. You are loved and enough.

P.S Thanks for loving me Dad and I miss you.

Love Lyndsay  Happily_me_heart_small