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So last week I challenged you to be authentic for 24 hours. How was that for you? were you up for it? tough? excruciating? Did it bring up any conflict for you?

I found it very liberating, giving myself permission to be authentic.

There was one place that I struggled though, with my children. I felt that I had to censor my authenticity with my children. This was unexpected! I was conscious that my truth had to be age appropriate and therefore I had a gentler approach. I really believe that children are our greatest teachers, we come into the world with such beautiful open hearts and as we grow we get bashed by life and we can become duller and less innocent. I have realised that everyday I am searching to return to the sparkling open hearted beauty of a spirit​ I was when I was birthed into this world. I don’t want the distance to be so great for my children they have to struggle everyday to make their way back to a divine source of happiness and love. I want my children to live in that space that’s magical, abundant and easy.

Getting back to now though, and being conscious of wanting to keep the innocence and purity of my children’s passions whilst also wanting them to grow to be resilient enough to handle the world, this exercise meant I was conscious of this grief; of purity and loss and I have a sense around them of wanting them to unfurl their petals with as little damage as possible, so by the time they open to face the sun they still have the beauty and emanating radiance ​they have always had, minimally weathered. This somehow affects my authenticity or more specifically it requires me to censor my honesty into being more creatively compassionate​ with my thoughts and my words before I speak.

It brings me back to self-love, ​if we can consciously choose thoughts that allow us to nourish and nurture our young, we can also do this with ourselves right? We are all children of the Universe​. If we can choose thoughts and words to support our return to the open-hearted and loved beings we were born as, we can then open to face the sun each day authentically, supported and loved by our most important friend ­ Ourself! Minimally weathered.

P.S No­ one needs permission to be authentic. Go right ahead!

Love Lyndsay Happily_me_heart_small