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I drew around my hand and something profound happened

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Hey how are you?

A few Thursdays ago during the meteor shower I attended a local Art Therapy class. Just so were clear “I’m not very arty” I gave it a good go but “I ain’t got no skills”.

Realistically that doesn’t matter I just had a great time with a bunch of women doing what we do best – get deep and support each other; sisterhood is what it’s all about hey, I love it!

So we are given an A3 paper and told to draw around our hands at either edges of the paper. The furthest away is bringing in what we want and the nearest is letting go of what no longer serves us. So we beaver away for a few hours, writing, drawing, gluing, sticking, cutting, eating, chatting and then something bizarre happens.

We have all shared and I’m looking around the room at everyone’s hands and arms and the commonality – one is overall FEAR and one is overall LOVE. On each paper all of us are striving for what is fundamentally love and we are trying to let go of FEAR. This age old story never ends does it! People all over the world striving for what feels like love and trying to get away from what feels like fear, jeez how tiring it is for us all chasing relentless dreams attached to pendulum style emotions, swinging from love to fear and depending on how big the swing the greater the impact of the emotion in both directions. Then looking back at my ‘I ain’t got no skills’ drawing there was a part where both hands met which had a swirling energy that I had labelled consciousness.

LIGHTBULB moment alert: If we stand where they both meet consciously looking, observing, watching like we do in meditation with both our feet grounded, unswayed by the breeze passing over us of constant analysis of information such as – what will people think? how did I look? does my bum look big in this? if only I could achieve x I will get y (insert material object or emotion of choice – money, beauty, praise, success). The object doesn’t really matter. If we just let the breeze blow around us and over us and not attach emotion to it, this is where peace is, this is where it’s quiet, this is where we are when we meditate, in our flow sat in our power.  Life is so much easier here outside of the noise and reaction to the striving going on around us. Why attach strong emotion to anything? it will pass in a moment. Why be fed with the drama of the swinging pendulum from fear to love, this is where our divine source is. Reaching always reaching for something or some place else. Observe and let the breeze breeze on by, live in the conscious state that is peaceful and stable and happy. This is where the source is, in between the two, where the pendulum is still, at peace, not living by the energetically exhausting drama that a single day can bring in through our senses, where we are assessing how we feel and how we want to behave based on the information we receive and are reacting too.

It suddenly became crystal clear that anything outside of that place of consciousness, anywhere the pendulum swung was a waste of energy. Being in between the two chasing neither! Can you imagine not chasing anything? Can you seriously imagine not chasing anything? because my mind is REALLY trying to understand what life would be like not chasing anything, wow! Being in that space right there……It feels GLORIOUS, and in this moment as my fingers type I wonder if that is where enlightenment is –

Happiness is at home in the space between love and fear, where the emotional pendulum is still,

We don’t strive for anything and yet we feel GLORIOUSLY and JOYFULLY alive now. Living in the conscious space between love and fear and not attaching emotion to anything, just being in the now, observing and responding from our heart, mmmmmmmm it feels warm and healing and full of soul power, I love it, my new home. It reminds me of being in the eye of a tornado – above tunnels up to the universe and below the grounding earth of mother earth.

And that my friend is how I drew around my hand and something profound happened. You might wanna try that shit!! But beware – drawing around your hand might change your life 😉

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Love Lyndsay Happily_me_heart_small