The fires within

Lyndsay Wright Consciousness, High Vibration, Transformation

So much has happened already in the first few weeks of this new year.  Here in Australia, as many of you know, we are experiencing some of the worst bush fires in history. During this challenging time it would be easy to feel nothing but anger, sadness, grief, fear and hurt. Denying those feelings certainly is not what is needed.  But is it possible to use what we know about thought, vibration and consciousness to stop worry and fear and to make a positive difference to help ourselves and lift the frequency for everyone?

The idea that our thoughts have the power to transform is not new.  Ancient mystics and philosophers have known this forever. We now have science that backs this up too, and maybe you’ve had first hand experience of this as well.

Dr Joe Dispenza, in his book Becoming Supernatural, tells of a research experiment where it was proven that the power of thought coupled with positive emotion (in the form of prayer) was not only able to create positive change across distance, but across time too. 

There has never been a time on this planet where there have been so many conscious humans.  Meditation, yoga and spiritual practices are more popular than ever before. Challenging opportunities, like these bush fires, give us all the chance to take what we’ve learnt from spiritual teachings about focus and mindfulness and put them to good use. So what can we do? 

The first step is to simply notice the internal chatter taking us further into despair, lack or fear.  These thoughts will be driving the emotions we’re experiencing. Feeling the emotions and softening into them will let them pass through us.  We can then shift our focus on to something that makes us feel a little better. It could be anything from noticing things in nature, or thinking about someone or an object/place that we love.  As we shift our focus to the more positive, the frequency of our vibration changes and will start to resonate into the environment that we are all part of and connected to. When we’ve shifted into this higher vibration, spending time in contemplation inviting rain, healing, peace or whatever is needed, not only makes us feel even better, it also has the potential to benefit the whole. 

Other practical tips include….

  • Limiting the amount of time we spend thinking about calamites, as well as reading about them on social media or in the news.  Instead shift focus to what makes us feel good and keeps us present so that we can contribute from a place of health and well being.  
  • You may feel called to join in with other conscious folk in your community and come together to meditate and raise the collective vibration. 
  • Blaming, judging or condemning doesn’t help, instead see the positive in the darkness and hold on to hope and encourage others to as well.  
  • Listening to our inner knowing that will inspire us to act, donate or help where we can. 
  • Meditate and simply just be and rest in stillness.  This will help to find clarity and peace and to not get sucked into the whirlpool of fear. 

In every disaster, personal or global, there will be stories of communities coming together, of profound human connection and hope. Often long needed change will arise and incredible transformation occurs.  Focussing on these positive aspects will also help feed and grow them and again help to keep us feeling present and in control. 

The only real control we ever have is over our own thoughts, feelings and actions. Do we want these thoughts feelings and actions to start fires within or create a climate of healing, peace and love? This is the choice and power we hold individually and collectively, after all we are responsible for our energetic footprint and climate change begins with individual consciousness

The world needs more conscious, open hearted, and brave people willing to love unconditionally.  Those who do this are the pillars of light that help guide others out of the dark and help to create transformation.  We’ve all heard that old cliché “Be the change that you want to see in the world”. Now more than ever is time to fully embrace this and discover just how powerful we can be.