Feeling unloved? Find out how to turn that around and transform your life

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Hello, how are you?

Since I last wrote I have turned 40 and flown to the other side of the world to celebrate with family and friends in England then back to Australia for more celebrations, my cup is full and I am looking forward to what this new decade will manifest for me. I wanted to share with you today a recent revelation I had about love….It’s pretty big!

We are sentient beings with limbic brains and we like to connect and resonate, regulate ourselves in the company we keep. This maybe with other humans or dogs or cats or nature or other sentient beings.

How does this affect our grounding?

Well if we’re amongst stable friends, family, pets and environment we will regulate and resonate at a beautiful frequency, how lovely!

Does that happen? NOT IN MY HOUSE!

I live with little hairy energetic bundles of love with no boundaries, who confuse me with a climbing frame and who get up really early –  human and canine. Who knows who’s bringing up who?

In reality each individual is affected by a billion stimulants coming in through our senses -the full moon, coffee, our periods, hormonal changes, the weather, office politics, world politics, the food we eat, sleep, exercise, health, mind chatter, attitude, mood. Combine this with your peers periods, hormones, sleep, attitude, office politics, world politics, health, mind chatter, problems, moods;

It can end up a smorgasbord of erratic thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a gaggle of sentient beings all trying to regulate their emotions with each other to feel loved and safe. Sound good?? NO- no it doesn’t!

So what I’m saying simply is choose an alternative to grounding with your peers, family or friends.

Are you attaching to others? When do you attach to others? When do you make it everyone else’s responsibility to regulate your emotions or make you feel loved? Can you see how and when you do this?

Instead of attaching roots to people, circumstances, jobs, chocolate, shopping, wine and conditions in our life that can make us feel love or loved, choose to ground to the earth you stand on, plug in to the power of Mother Earth and the universe:

Nature – walk amongst the trees or by the sea, just be amongst nature it’s like an energy clearing and it’s free.

Ground- Ground to the Earth and to the divine universe above. Go outside barefoot and stand on the earth for a few moments or imagine growing tree roots deep into the earth in a visualisation, then go up 300-400 ft up into the universe and allow/imagine white light flowing down through you and connecting into the earth. Breath deeply for a few minutes as you allow or feel this visualisation grounding you. When you have finished imagine a bubble around you fortifying your energy in your favourite healing colour. (My audio grounding is FREE in our Retreat at Home affirmation audio). If you have a lot of energy to dump place your hands on the ground too, the downward dog pose is a fantastic grounding pose if you’re a yogi. Google it.

Meditate – 20 minutes every morning will sit you strong for the day or if you want more, 20 minutes before bed too. Begin with the grounding and then just focus on your breathing by following the cycle of your breath through your body et voila , you’re meditating. In reality it won’t run that smoothly, you will probably fight with your mind for most of that time planning your day, dinner, life – and that’s OK, when that happens just bring your mind back to your breath.

Now you’re ready! Your cup is filled, your grounded, centred, regulated by nature, standing in your own power, filled with self-love, unswayed by the billion influences around you coming from everyone else.

Hearing your intuition making choices that honour YOU. Now go out and enjoy your relationships with love in your heart, ready to sprinkle that love everywhere and it will flow back to you in abundance.