Tantrums and Transformations

admin Transformation

When we are creating positive change we sometimes get scared and want to turn back to our familiar self and behaviours, this is normal. Do not let this put you off if you are growing personally. My experience of this is I have come full circle standing in my power I trusted my intuition and went inwards. I knew something …

Struggling with Happiness? Get the answers!

admin Happiness

How do we achieve and define Happiness? Meet basic needs + positive state/attitude to life + internal valuing = Happiness. What do we mean? Lets have a look. Happiness is a state of being, it is a choice of how to be, based on our feelings, attitude and state of mind. The things that allow people to make choices around …

Stress – How it could be killing YOU

admin Stress

Fight or flight is triggered when a person becomes aware of a possible danger or fear through a message sent from the brain to the body. The person has increased mental awareness and alertness. The body reacts by releasing adrenaline and releasing cortisol and hormones into the body which activates violent ¬†muscle tension as preparation to run or fight. After …