Pain into Love with an EPIC gift for you

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It all began 24 July 2001 with the death of my Darling Dad. FREE – Retreat at Home Membership Program. I had finished my Management and Tourism Degree and was working in travel management, it was a greedy competitive corporate world. I was flying through life stressed, over worked, over playing, burnt out from partying, holidays and giving giving giving …

Depression the shadow side of happy – Let’s talk about it.

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I think it’s important to bring awareness to this topic as we all know someone who is or has suffered with mental health, whether it’s ourselves, a loved one, a child or friend it’s good to gain clarity so we can have compassion and kindness and offer support when needed. Depression is ‘A mental condition characterized by feelings of severe …


Is your cruel monkey mind chatter bullying you? Part 2

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We sometimes in life have mountains to climb, there are always so many lessons in those climbs, they are often painful or include suffering and every moment is a fleeting moment and it’s passed, transient, it moves like a river and so will we keep moving, time keeps moving, keep learning, not being put off by fears. Then in one moment usually …


Is your cruel monkey mind chatter bullying you? Part 1

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Hello lovely beautiful hearts. Today’s Happy Hit is being served from day four of the school holidays here in Victoria Australia. I have been struggling with Fatty Liver Disease for around 6 months now, you may not know much about it but it makes a person super super tired amongst other fun things like light headedness, migraines and crazy blood …