Tantrums and Transformations

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When we are creating positive change we sometimes get scared and want to turn back to our familiar self and behaviours, this is normal. Do not let this put you off if you are growing personally. My experience of this is I have come full circle standing in my power I trusted my intuition and went inwards. I knew something was dying in me and I allowed it, and I got scared and thought about sabotaging this ‘newness’ and I tried too! on many occasions because i was nervous of the outcome. I wanted to turn and run to what was familiar, but something in me said ‘NO! this is big and everything you wanted manifested, do not turn back, keep going, let go.’

As uncomfortable as it was, this period of change, hibernation and death are a part of my process, I knew it was the right thing to do, I knew it was a letting go. Like a snake shedding its skin, or a caterpillar’s transition to flight, I held steady. Allow mistakes, allow the uncomfortableness, allow the clinging and the tantrums in your own behaviour and others, test things out but know when you finally get to the end of your transformation, it’s everything you wanted. For me I feel like I have been upgraded! That is the best i can describe it 😉 – I had an upgrade and re-booted for a while but know my start buttons coming back on and things are rosy. I have stepped up to meet my dreams.

So you see when we invite change we need to let things go and allow the new to enter, this WILL be uncomfortable and require different resources or behaviour and that’s all fine. Have faith, don’t fight against it, surrender to what may be and go with it. Make room, plan around it, recognise it and welcome it in.

Love Lyndsay x favicon-32x32