The Spiritual Path to Awakening

A twelve week immersion into yourself.

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Lyndsay Wright ○ Spiritual Director ○ Spiritual Counsellor

Call for appt: 0458048090

Whether you identify as a spiritual seeker, healer, therapist, artist, creative, entrepreneur, yogi, intuitive prepare to meet yourself with the guidance of a compassionate, conscious teacher. 

My hope is to guide you through your Spiritual Path to Awakening, freeing yourself from the chains and patterns of the past, and bring you into alignment with your true nature, your true potential, and loving presence.

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Fiona, VIC.
This course allowed me to fall in love with myself over and over again. To uncover more of the beauty within. If has been an investment in knowing who I am and I have cherished every part of the journey!
Belinda, Australia
I can't recommend this enough. For me, was a time to think, philosophically and guilt-free, about me and my direction in this ocean of chaos we call life. It was my favourite time of the week, set aside for learning, healing old wounds, and feeling the heart-warming stories of a beautiful group of ladies, all finding their way on different journeys of hardship. With the help of Rachel & Lyndsay, we all made a silent pact with ourselves to change our stories, to let go somehow, of all the burdens we carried for our loved ones, and their help and support throughout the six week journey will stay with me for life. A thousand thank yous for letting me be a part of this amazing course!

The Retreat At Home – My Passionate Life is very special, it is a retreat you can do in the sanctuary of your own home bringing clarity and resources to create and manifest a life you are absolutely passionate about.

Created with videos, audios, happy sheets and articles from experts in their field, we have designed a delicious treat for you.

A 4 step plan to your Passionate Life with, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Affirmations, Plus bonus extras

A Retreat to nurture the life you absolutely want to be living, a time out for recuperation ALL for FREE, please spread the word and send people here to join the tribe to heal, grow, and help change lives.

We are very proud and we thoroughly hope you will enjoy our first Retreat At Home.

With Love.