Work with Me

What is spiritual direction?

Firstly It is NOT religious. Spiritual direction is Lyndsay working with you to step into the deeper sense, spirit being who you are and living from that divine, loving, conscious, present place where the physical life dissolves into insignificance under the beauty of what is real- living in presence, in mindfulness from a deeper perspective beyond the ego, centred in this moment and surrendering to all that is.

We work with our wounds, traumas, shadows to heal and come home to our whole self. Our wounds, traumas, pain bodies and hurts are what keeps us away from the peace, stillness and bliss that we are at our core, so putting a light on them in consciousness helps us return to our true loving nature. No longer searching outside of ourselves for that part of us we feel is missing.


Lyndsay offers this as her service to consciousness at the moment. Lyndsay has gone through many layers of her own awakenings including, psychic, disease, dark nights of the soul, loss, grief. What really matters to her is that no-one should have to do this alone. Having gone through the death of her parents and stumbling around in the dark with her mystic abilities and many relentless years of health conditions, plus the suffering of her clients from trauma and abuse.

Lyndsay offers this as her deepest offering and teachings at this time. Lyndsay's work is loving, kind, warm, generous, divine and humorous. You will always be held in grace.  Lyndsay works worldwide on Zoom. Originally from England, Lyndsay has been living on the beautiful Surfcoast of Australia for the last 8 years.

Spiritual direction includes 2 parts.

  1. A private session a month (approx 120 mins) of spiritual direction over 6 months. This may include - divine direction, spiritual counselling, Timeline Therapy, ancestral healing, meditation, energy medicine, shamanic healing practices, medical intuition, presence practice and will include energetic homework.

2.Plus a module per fortnight from the ‘Spiritual Path To Awakening’ online program to work through beginning at module 1 and completed at module 11.