Is your cruel monkey mind chatter bullying you? Part 2

Lyndsay Wright Happiness, Self-Love

We sometimes in life have mountains to climb, there are always so many lessons in those climbs, they are often painful or include suffering and every moment is a fleeting moment and it’s passed, transient, it moves like a river and so will we keep moving, time keeps moving, keep learning, not being put off by fears. Then in one moment usually somewhere after the worst deepest digging moment we will reach the top, and happen across a freeing beautiful sunny sunset view of a moment that takes our breath away; we can’t take our eyes off, that we never want to end. It radiates through every molecule in our body making every accumulated moment worth the lesson, it’s so rich a moment we can’t even imagine how we made it, and from then on we are over the top, on the way down, easier, faster, lighter, brighter, relief, enriched by all the moments and they will all be worth it, all those painful moments pushing through to get up that mountain, they will all be worth it and also at the same time they will be so insignificant, replaced by the new moment.

So I say to myself today have hope, be kind, open your heart, let pain breeze through it and out the other side. Wherever we are on the mountain, nothing stays the same, it all moves just like our  minds, just like the rivers and the oceans and the clouds, we are after all made of around 70% water, don’t get emotionally attached to that moment as there will be another one along shortly that might be the best moment. Keep moving always with love for yourself, lean in, breathe deep, be kind, let go of each moment and look out for the freeing beautiful sunny sunset and remember that too will pass, it will all pass.

My NEW heart chatter:

“Thank you body for sending my messages loud enough for me to hear. I will listen well with my heart so you don’t have to shout”

“What does my body need today”

“What does my heart need today”

“I am loved”

“I am loveable even though I am sick”

“I ease into my day because I want to heal”

“I allow myself to heal with love and kindness”

“I say yes to what honours me today”

“I say no to anything that feels heavy”

“I am happy to heal from my lesson”

“Just breathe and let go”

“I love me, the universe loves me”

“I love the universe”

Love Lyndsay Happily_me_heart_small