14 Christmas Self-Care Tips

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Hello!  How are you?

My little family and I have been busy making room in our lives for 6 family members who have flown across the world to us to help celebrate our favourite time of year – Christmas. There has been far too much cleaning for my liking and not enough chilaxing and connecting!

Before I sign off I wanted to share a few things,Thank you for allowing me in your inbox regularly i’m so grateful for your generosity. Now I know a lot of people struggle at this time of year for so many reasons – over stretched emotionally, financially and socially are the main culprits causing a cascade of negative and destructive behaviours.  I have included a little self-care plan to help you stay conscious during this time.

1. Schedule time out for solitude – a walk, a meditation, movement, something that fills you up and keeps you sourced and grounded.  List 5 healthy ways you can take time out.

2. Sleep. Get 8 or more hours of sleep. If you struggle sleeping cut out coffee after 11am, cut down on alcohol, drink plenty of water throughout the day, no phones an hour before bed in fact keep them out of your bedroom at all, meditate 20 minutes before sleep.

3. Have support around you, someone you can call to help ground you and listen to you. who will comfort you?

4. Sugar is seriously mind altering – Where possible support yourself with healthy food choices – fresh vegetable juices, whole foods, raw foods, non processed foods. Check with a Doctor before changing your diet or book in with a naturopath for fantastic guidance.   Food affects your mental health, Look in our free Retreat-At-Home  to find what our naturopath has written about food for moods.

5. Minimize stressors where possible. Limit the time spent with people that drain you/scare you or make you rush for the door.

6. Breathe. Into your belly, deep deep breaths and bring yourself into your body, here now. Feeling out of breath with anxiety? breathe out first with a big breath so you can breathe in deeply and catch your breath.  OUT for IN! This is a great tip.

7. Remember YOU ARE AMAZING! A child of the universe and you totally deserve to be here like the rest of us.

8. Communicate clearly, I know it scares you to say how you feel right? I mean what will people think if you expressed what was in your heart? That burning sensation in your tummy or your throat is a sign from your body to be congruent. If it’s safe – Say what you feel – be authentic- be you. If people don’t like it, you being someone else won’t make you happy. Value what your mind and body want to express and say it and be liberated.

9. Know that you are good enough and worthy and lovable just the way you are.

10. Ask – How will I be there for myself?

11. Ask – What unhelpful coping strategies do I need to avoid?

12. Be immediate, be present, stop your mind racing, feel your toes in your shoes, the air on your skin, notice the smells around you, spot your favourite colour, touch something and know you are safe in this moment, respond to this moment only. You might not want to be in the scenario but being immediate and mindful will make it easier than using your mind to be somewhere else in a different time. Stay with yourself. Have your own back!

13. Ask – What routines can i do that will allow me to stay calm and strong?

14. Ask – What do I need to feel comforted at this time?

Have a beautiful light filled peaceful and joyous Happy Christmas and New Year, reflect on what went well in 2015, feed it, see it, grow it. Reflect on what didn’t work well and ‘drop it like it’s hot’.

If you feel compelled share this email with someone who might need encouragement this Christmas and encourage them to join our free Retreat-At-Home program for free resources to be happy and conscious and light.

Have you started meditating yet? Gift yourself our beautiful meditation album in our shop, it’s great for beginners. 

And lastly a self-nurturing affirmation offering yourself compassion say YES PLEASE, I am ready for self-compassion -hold your hands over your heart breathe deeply:

‘I turn my light towards me, I shine my light on the areas of darkness within me. I allow this darkness to be seen and become light. I transform. I call home all the parts of me into light. My vibration rises, my heart heals, my light shines, brighter, stronger, whole. I invite new stories, new joy, new experiences, new energy, because today I turn my light towards me.’

Love and Light Lyndsay x