Healing emotions and old pain with Awareness

In this video we explore

Awakening from being our emotions and getting swept away in them.

How emotions and thoughts combine to create suffering.

Transcending suffering with loving awareness.

How to open up to joy, intuition and pure awareness as the living energy of consciousness. Pure love that we are.

Join me in my upcoming 6 Week LIVE online program

The Awakened Soul

The program is a full immersion into the stages of awakening including lessons, practice, group work and meditations in 12 small fun intimate classes with myself. There are 6-10 spots.

  • Presence training.
  • Release yourself from the stress of the mind and fear that your thoughts create.
  • Heal negative emotions and behaviour patterns.
  • Find joy and awaken to living beyond suffering.
  • Virtually Hang out and create connections with others on the path in a small group awakening.
  • Meet yourself as the witness.
  • Create a complete spiritual practice to live an awakened life.
  • Move from ‘seeker’ to ‘finder’ with the highest teachings of awakening.