5 Day Presence Immersion

to Day 4

Yesterday we explored in video - the sense of growing awareness within.
We experienced my ‘fancy’ drumming In the ‘Loving the inner body’ Meditation.
Tips on being the ocean of awareness.
And finally The PDF for creating health and joy.


So what’s happening on Day 4?

Today we explore being present in relationships-Video. It’s not just if we are emotionally triggered or experiencing past memories. Presence is about living in presence. We also have The Deep Self Meditation and journaling and reflections.

Eckhart Tolle calls it ‘Lucid Living’. It's like meditation but you have your eyes open and you're going about your day. It’s what happens after a time of practising presence in meditation and building the sense of the deep ‘I’ within, the awareness then comes with us off the meditation cushion.

Being present in relationships and off the meditation cushion


Listening with the whole body is like the start of a race. It’s the gap inbetween Ready, set………………...GO!

Practice ‘lucid living’ whilst choosing your vegetables at the shop - smell them, observe the colours, observe the details of the leaves or skin. Can you feel their energy?

Notice the people in the shop, notice engagement with other present beings. Who is rush, rush rush, no eye contact, no connection. Notice who is connecting. Pay attention to the check out worker. What connection is there in presence? Can you see who is in their body and who is in their mind? There’s a difference.

Practice whilst eating. Observe the quality of the vegetable again before putting it in your mouth, take time to chew, notice if the vegetable tastes stronger than normal, tastes better. Savour and pay gratitude to these wonderful living foods, kissed by the sun that nourishes you.

Take time to greet the people/animals you live with.


Let’s get comfy for The Deep Self Meditation
Download the Meditation

Journal or reflections

Take some time to journal or reflect on the quality of your presence in relationships with others. You could use today as your measure if you were lucky enough to have contact with another being. You may want to reflect on:

  • What was different than usual?
  • Welcoming presence into other relationships and what those possibilities might be?
  • Who are the people you don’t want that connection with?
  • Do you know why? You will naturally already do this but let's explore it here consciously.
  • Who are the people you do want that connection with? why?


  • What have you noticed about your own relationship with self?  The quality of connection in presence as the witness to your inner thoughts, emotions and sensations, choices. This is a biggy! Take some time.

Thank you so much for joining me today for day 4.

I look forward to welcoming you tomorrow for our final session in this 5 Day Presence Immersion.

Take care

Love Lyndsay x