5 Day Presence Immersion

to Day 2

Today we are exploring:

  1. How we embody presence to awaken and sense the life force within us (the real us) (Video)
  2. Somatic Meditation to explore and build the sensation of awareness (Audio)
  3. Embodying presence steps PDF for when emotionally triggered
  4. Movement as a resource

This is deep stuff, but it’s super important to understand who we are underneath our conditioning, past, trauma, achievements, our physical body and mind we identify as. We are the presence we sense within.

So let's take a look at today's video.

Embodying presence- Grounded and safe within the body.

Somatic Healing Meditation

Get comfy! Doing this meditation twice a day is ideal. My preference is in the morning and around 2pm in the afternoon. Do what feels right for you.


If choosing to sit on a cushion, with a straight spine aim to have your knees positioned lower than your hips. This stops pins and needles.

The solar plexus is located in the centre below the ribs.

Download the Meditation

Daily Resources


Whilst old memories or old pain bodies arise, don't engage in, “why me?” Or “oh no” stories. Just observe in consciousness. Be the observer of the sensations, accept them. Feel the inner body by following the breath and allow the emotions to move on. 

Don't get stuck in any mind stories about it. Cut off thoughts by putting your intention inside the body. Welcome the sensation not the story. Put your conscious attention (the light on) on the feelings/emotions/pain in your body and just observe; be the witness, breathe deeply and it will begin to change and move. 

Every time strong emotions or feelings come up repeat by being the loving witness. Very quickly that painbody, uncomfortableness or old story, will begin to go back to sleep; or will purge and leave.

The more you accept it, feel it and observe it as the loving witness, the quicker you will begin to transmute those old wounds.


As we know, energy can get stuck in the body, especially when we are doing work with our unconscious/shadow. We can awaken old pain bodies or wounds that can feel strong and uncomfortable in our bodies. As well as observing these old wounds consciously, it’s great to get the energy moving and flowing up through the body and out. This unlocks the emotional or physical blocks and creates more harmony. The chi, prana or life force can then pump up through the spine.

Any physical activity can help. Some of my favourites are walking, shaking/dancing to loud music around the kitchen until I feel my tingling life force energy (aka presence) inside me; particularly to The Tokens - The lion sleeps tonight.

I like swimming in the ocean or walking on the sand with bare feet, going outside and earthing in yoga poses so that excess energy can be released through my hands and feet back into the earth. Downward dog is a great earthing pose.

You will know when your body needs movement because you will feel agitated and your body will ask for it.

Here is your ‘Easy guide to BEING Present’ PDF. You can download it below and use it as a reminder.

Download Embodying Presence Steps

Take it easy love

See you soon

Love Lyndsay x