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Work with me

Work with Me – Breakthrough Sessions

Let’s combine what you need on the day – Professional Counselling, Spiritual and Emotional Mentoring, Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  Advanced Energy Medicine, Time-line Therapy, Medical Meditation, Intuition, clarity, a release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, relief, nurturing, a cuppa and may cause a happy empowered life from a place of self-compassion and strength. If you’ve got trauma or your just lost – we’ve got this, let’s get you home.

Skype worldwide or in person in Geelong, Australia (near Melbourne).  Please call 0458048090 or email lyndsay@happily-me.com to make your appointment or if you have any questions.

60 minute individual session $75

FREE 20 minute chat. Are we a good fit? need some support? want to know more? let’s connect and chat. I don’t bite and am happy to be of service.

One on One Meditation Session. 60 minutes, $60.

Spiritual and Emotional Mentorship 12 months

A monthly 90 minute in person session or skype session, email contact when required, a place on the multimedia Happily Me Course to support your spiritual and emotional growth. Apply at lyndsay@happily-me.com Places are limited to 6 mentor students a year maximum. Monthly payment options available $399 deposit.