Module Two – Divine Feminine

The divine feminine
The sacral chakra
Womb clearings
Womb mandalas

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Let me tell you about this module

In this module we explore the sacral energy of emotional needs, relationships, the gentle divine feminine and creativity. 

This module is particularly special and includes the opportunity to create a womb mandala from material you have sourced and be held through an energetic womb cleanse ceremony, alongside an awakening the divine feminine guided journey.

The journal questions help us explore deep into our unmet needs and reclaim ourselves as our own sovereign. They help us find pride in our sexuality, releasing abuses against us, unhooking and clearing old energetic imprints held in our sacral energy, assisting our relationships and awakening our creative energy to our potential.

We have meditations, audios, articles and journal questions centred around the powerful playful joy centre; the second chakra, our map to fulfillment.

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