Module Three – Sovereignty and Grace

The solar plexus
Self esteem
The victim
Energetic self-care

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Let me tell you about this module.

Birthing  our true self identity whilst keeping the energy of the solar plexus in earthly energy. We need our ego to survive our human experience so we can create healthy boundaries, energetic self-care, and so we can be the balanced mix of sovereignty and grace in relation to the world.

This is our powerhouse and one women struggle with the most!

You will walk through the solar plexus, self-esteem, true power, boundaries, confident vulnerability, the drama triangle of victim-perpetrator-rescuer. We have journal questions to pack a punch.

Your meditations and articles focus on power and energetic self-care.

This is a jam packed module that helps you bring transformation to your understanding of the self through emotional and psychological pointers.

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