Module One – Foundations

Consciousness, spirituality, meditation
Chakra system and emotions in the body
Exploring beliefs and values
Stress and the nervous system

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Let me tell you about this module 

The foundation is the very beginning, rooting ourselves deep into the earth so we have the balance and grounding to rise with the higher energies and teachings we encounter along the spiritual path to awakening; out of fear into love.

It’s simple. Nothing complicated here; this really is the very beginning. You are on the precipice of personal and spiritual development! This is where we dive into the understanding of what the path is all about.

We explore: 

  • What is meditation, spirituality and consciousness? The trilogy of this whole program, the pillars in which everything is built on. 
  • How understanding and clearing our values and beliefs leads to transformation. 
  • The chakra system as a map of our starting path into spirituality and specifically the base chakra and what it means. 
  • We discuss articles on overcoming stress and fear, meditations for both beginners and the advanced, journalling and audios. 
  • You have access to a resource guide for staying grounded for the times we are working in our shadow. 
  • Through this module we find balance enough to rise to the higher energy of the sacral chakra in module two. 

Bonus material such as creating sacred space and an interview with a spiritual teacher in Hawaii all adds to the deepening of wisdom of who you really are. This module is all about taking the first step. 


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