Module Nine – Universal Laws

The laws of the universe
How it relates to our everyday life

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What a treat, learning what the sages knew about life! We have 12 Universal laws including the ever popular Law of Attraction, also a guide to mastering mind, body and spirit followed by journal questions for each law to ponder deeply.

Meditations are included for daily use, and a fantastic booklist to get stuck in to.

A really fun module where we find out the universe is not as we thought it was and connect with it in a new light. 

We explore such questions as: ‘What meaning does life have if I am a drop in the ocean and the whole ocean?’; ‘What am I sitting in that is going to show up?’; ‘Am I in fear or faith?’; ‘Where am I trying to work against the universe?’

Join me, you, and the universe!

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