Module Eight – Being a Soul First

Electromagnetic energy field
The aura
The anatomy of the aura

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Maybe you’re a healer? Or you see energy? If so this may be nothing new. Here we explore the anatomy of our aura, our electromagnetic field, entrainment, archetypes and symbolic sight.

We are really only scratching the surface here. So much is still unknown scientifically and yet many intuitives see or even sense this information to be true and of course, sages have known it for thousands of years! We go deep,  but it’s such a huge subject that if you develop an appetite here for energy and the psychology of the body, I recommend further study through the booklist.

In journalling and exploring the teachings we ask such questions as: ‘ How do I remember to be myself?’; ‘How and when does the victim archetype show up in my life?’; ‘What has been purging lately?’; ‘What clears my blocks?’

This module helps us begin to fly like the eagle high above what we perceive as our ‘problems’ to gain spiritual perspective.

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