Happily Meditating Album


A beautiful album of guided Meditations, Guided Relaxation and Affirmations.

Track 1:  Guided Relaxation and Zen Visualisation
Track 2:  Mantra Magic
Track 3: The Healing Spot
Track 4: Guided Relaxation and Sanctuary Healing Bubbles
Track 5: Affirmation Audio

Download the mp3 audio files – 93 minutes duration.

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A beautiful album of guided Meditations. 5 tracks including an affirmation audio you can play anywhere to guide you to dreamy serenity. Also a guided relaxation exercise to train your body to release tension easily. Uplifting, inspiring and calming this experience will leave you stress free and feeling prepared to welcome in the day with joy, love and ease.  Use daily on awakening or before bed in the evening. The affirmations audio is for you to play on journeys in the car, out walking or at the bus stop allowing your unconscious mind to take in the messages while you get on with your day. A real treat for your senses prepared with love and promoting great mental health. Background music by Thaddeus.


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Happily Me 2015