Module Five – The Truth Part 2

Harness the mind
Witch Wound

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The second part focuses on the higher teachings of communication with yourself, with a deeper look into awareness of our thoughts, emotions and spirit. Being the witness and observing this intimate relationship,  finally answering- ‘Who am I?’, exploring intention, ego and the historic ‘witch wound’ to help us find our inner voice and be seen. The meditation is Mantra – simple, using only sound, just like the expression of consciousness.

Journalling such reflections as: ‘What happens when I identify with my thoughts and ego?’; ‘How do I stop generating old wounds and pain?’; ‘Do I understand I am not my mind?’

These are practical and advanced teachings in one. These teachings will transform your vibration, allowing you  to rise up to the visionary of the sixth chakra in module 6.

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