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How to have Lion Courage that will have you laughing through your fears.

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I am inspired this week by courage, the courage to continue to move forward regardless of the brains death throes.

We have a tendency in the western world to go through our lives living in our head and yet it’s our heart where our passions lies, Mastin Kipp of Daily Love said:

“When we live in our heart our brain thinks we’re going to die!”

This was so powerful for me and mustered up visually an image of my brain having a tantrum about me listening too much too my heart, not giving much attention to logic. I laughed and laughed and snorted out loud at this powerful metaphor!

Now every time my brain has a hissy fit about me listening and having the courage to follow my heart, I can see it for what it is; just fear wanting to be heard.  Like a toddler throwing a tantrum unreasonably wanting a 10th cookie for breakfast you wouldn’t give in right?  It kinda takes the power away from fear when you can laugh at it. There there brain, logic and fear, I hear you and I validate what you’re saying but i’m going to keep moving forward with the courage of a lion in my heart, to live and serve others through happiness. I won’t give in to your death throes, I will thank you for the message, smile, let go and take courageous heartfelt action!

Have courage to continue in the face of fear because your heart is where your play is, your fun, creativity, where your dreams are felt and come alive, where you think big not contained by logic. If you are playing and creating, it’s healthy for your soul and it lights you up, your heart is open and energized. Let the brain throw its tantrum but don’t give it too much attention. Smile and be assured you’re on the right path and continue to focus on what you want and live from your heart, in the now, in the moment.

If you’re unsure whether your fear is true ask your heart. Close your eyes and take your energy into your heart and sit connecting for a few moments, feel, see and hear your conundrum and your body will tell you if the fear is true. If your body comes alive at the thought of the possibility of accomplishing a dream have the courage of a lion and move forward. Trust!

Yesterday we completed our very first Meditation album. I love writing and recording meditations that help people connect with peace and calm and away from stress and anxiety. Yesterday was the time everything came together, on the 9th day of the 9th month at 9.09pm our very first meditation album was born.  I’m one proud mama! Want a copy? It’s in our worldwide shop at  $19.99 as an instant album download. Go grab it!

Gifted art – Natalie Briney, fabulous artist and great friend of mine has provided us with a colouring in page of her beautiful artwork, head over to the Retreat at Home program and download print your copy. As you may know adult colouring-in is ‘the new black’ as our worries and cares drift away, lost in the moment, a meditation of art. If you want to find out more about Natalie you can find her at www.nataliebrineyartist.com.au she has such wonderful art work purchased all over the world and paints how she feels. I’m a big fan! Thank you so much Natalie for this gift. So head over to the free Retreat at home program to see more and get lost in mindful colouring.

Have an amazing few weeks. We – my family and I are off to Queensland Australia for our school holidays and will connect with you again soon. Keep happy in your heart.

P.S Our ‘Smashing Happiness course- from fear to love’ is penciled in for a Feb start! email me to go on the intake list if you are wanting to smash happiness! It will be multimedia, online and run for approx 10 weeks. No more details yet, but Eeeeeekk it’s exciting! It will be a course of substance I can tell you that. Scholarships are a distinct possibility so get your name down.

Love Lyndsay Happily_me_heart_small