Face down the fear

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Since I last wrote I organised a successful retreat for 30 women in the area.  Welcome to those that attended our first day retreat, wow what an epic day!

The practitioners put in an amazing effort and judging by the feedback we received the attendees had an excellent day too. Afterwards I was exhausted.  What this journey taught me was facing fears and stepping out of my comfort zone can be a treacherous road filled with self doubt and fear, limiting beliefs about self worth and an overwhelming sense of vulnerability.

Once the idea went public there was no going back, I could only go forward!  At times during the build up to the day I wasn’t sure whether I was going to get through it with my sanity or my friends and family.

I’m being honest here it was tough.

On the treacherous journey when the pressure got too much I decided to take support where I needed. The biggest lesson has been if I need support with something I am going to go out and invest in it.  If I can find the resource that can help me face down a fear or choose to stop following my path I will face down the fear.

In order to keep my sanity I chose to;

  • Meditate
  • Use Crystals
  • Protect my ideas about my work
  • Seek love and support from friends and family
  • Eat well
  • Plan and organise
  • Seek help from experts about how to make the day special for the attendees
  • Find lots of space for solitude
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Attend Sound healings
  • Attend a retreat weekend
  • Put everything out to the universe

The rewards in facing my fears are on going;

  • I’m moving towards my goal of a permanent retreat
  • I’m letting go of life long limiting beliefs around self doubts
  • I am constantly meeting people who touch my soul and are teaching me great things
  • I am becoming stronger in my purpose in life
  • I have moved up to the next level, moving through goals, each fear faced means I cannot go back to old beliefs and soon the path ahead will become shorter than the way back
  • My family receive the wisdom of how to walk their path
  • I gain more respect for myself and those around me
  • I am a better therapist for it

Fears can keep us small, unhappy, unfulfilled, not wanting to take the treacherous path to freedom.  I am grateful that my motivation to get to my compelling future is big enough to allow me to walk the path to face down those fears.  The alternative of dreaming without action is not for me any more. I can only keep walking this path and each step makes me stronger.

I guess if you make your vision of the future compelling enough it can give you the motivation to set you off on your journey and the strength to face your fears.