5 Day Presence Immersion

to Day 5

Wow we have covered so much! Please make sure you have experienced all 5 days, they may just be the missing piece in you realising who you are. 

Today is when you realise you are the most powerful force in the universe.

So let’s dive in...

“You are the fabric and structure of existence itself”
Alan Watts

Nature is always present, timeless and never judging. It’s the same with people. Who we are as presence, the deep ‘I’, the universal intelligence, source, divine, love - whatever you like to call it (it has many names) is always there underneath our thoughts and emotions.

Just like nature, presence will always be there, we cannot lose it. We can lose our body but not our life. Our life is presence.

When stress gets too high due to our attachment to our thoughts, we have nature and we have presence.

Play with both as they are nurturing the soul, not the ego, not fear. 

Fear doesn’t exist in consciousness. Love has no fear - See how powerful it is.

Going around believing you are your thoughts and that you are only what you experience through those thoughts and the thoughts of others, limits the infinite wise being that you are. The oneness of the whole universe; worlds within worlds.

Awakening beyond thought and emotions into presence - into the universal awareness (the ocean) we are a part of is where life is.

What’s it like? It’s an ocean of joy, love, radiant bliss. Timeless.

It comes in waves or stages. Awakening from thought and emotions as your sense of identity is the beginning of liberation. The radiant bliss is what comes with practice. It is to be experienced and realised through practice.

You can’t know it as a concept. Books are useful though. Practise however, uncovers the joy within.

3 top books for deepening presence:

  1. The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer (amazing and awe-inspiring)
  2. The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle (enlightening)
  3. Loving What is - Byron Katie (fascinating)


Get comfy for the Awareness Within Meditation
Download the Meditation


Remember you don’t accept the ‘story’ of this moment, you accept the sensations in awareness, in presence.

Nature is where you belong.

The intuitive wise one within, top trumps any thoughts. Because it only knows love, and is the strongest force in the universe.


Welcome it!

Oh wow, we have come to the end of our 5 Day Immersion. 

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For those of you already signed up, I will see you in there.

Beyond that, I wish you Love, cosmic, blissed-out, joyful Love. 

Love Lyndsay x