5 Day Presence Immersion

to Day 3

Yesterday we explored how we embody presence to awaken and sense the life force within us.

We did a Somatic Meditation to explore and build the sensation of awareness, accompanied by an embodying presence PDF for when emotionally triggered.

There were some tips and also Movement as a resource. If you missed it go back and watch Day 2.


So what’s happening today? 

By now you have some understanding of what presence is and how to build the sensations in the body. You also know a huge secret….’You are not your thoughts or your emotions you are the presence you sense.

You also know that by building the muscles of sensing into the body it will increase the conscious awareness rising within you. We will come back to that huge cosmic awareness on another day...

Today we are going to build on realising why we would want to welcome more presence into our awareness with:

  1. A growing awareness (video)
  2. We have a Loving the inner body meditation with some ‘fancy’ drumming from moi (ahem..)
  3. A Creating the recipe for health and joy PDF
So here is today's Video - Growing awareness


Get comfy again for today's meditation - Loving the Inner Body.
Download the Meditation


Imagine your living in an invisible ocean. That’s like awareness, it’s always there, everywhere, we just can’t see it.

Imagine that the invisible ocean is nature and everything is contained within it, even you.

Now imagine that ocean lives within you, as you. You are the ocean and you’re in the ocean.

Not your physical body but the consciousness within that animates you. The felt sense.

You are the one ocean of awareness and you realise it in presence.

The mind can’t understand it, but the heart can.

Download Creating the recipe for health and joy pdf

Enjoy and I will see you soon for Day 4.

Lyndsay x