5 Day Presence Immersion

to Day 1

I have gathered my best material on Presence from The Resource Module in my Spiritual Path to Awakening 12 week Program and am popping them into this 5 day Presence Immersion.

Today we are exploring:

  1. What is Presence? Video
  2. Zen Meditation Audio
  3. Easy Guide to Mindfulness PDF
  4. Suggestions for welcoming more presence

Presence is the act of observing and experiencing this moment in alertness using the senses. Touch/feel, taste, smell, sight, sound and adopting an attitude of non-judgement to the experience. Being present can also be compared to being mindful.

The more we practice presence the more the awareness grows within us, and our unconscious patterns (also known as the shadow/wounds) become weaker or transform.

Not only do we become conscious of this moment, we become conscious of our breath, our thoughts, our choices, our physiology and our behaviour. When we learn to be the witness without judgement we begin to cultivate peace, compassion and harmony within us that begins to radiate out into the world.

Please watch The Video - What is Presence?

Zen Meditation

Ok, now is the perfect time for meditation. Twice a day would be beautiful! But you know, do what you can. If you can’t manage twice a day, 1 conscious breath when you remember can be very useful. 


Sit with a straight spine because this is NOT nap time.

You can’t get it wrong.

You don’t need any experience.

Find a quiet spot if you can, the garden or outdoors can be great (if you're in lockdown with little hairy noisy cherubs).

Download the Meditation

Daily Resources


Walk in nature, mindfully using your 5 senses such as observing the trees, the leaves, the grass, the birds, the clouds, the stars, the light reflections, the water, the ripples, the smells, the waves, the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin. Solitude or stillness can be practised in nature, allowing space for pondering or reflection. Allow consciousness to come in rather than forced thinking. 


There are many kinds of meditation and not all are sitting. For example, walking, yoga, or sky/cloud gazing (my favourite). 
Meditation is your anchor into consciousness or stillness. It enhances your connection with yourself, helps regulate emotions and can be used when the pain body is active to disintegrate old pain. By feeling into the inner energy of the body, Chi, prana, life force, the swirling, the heat or discomfort, as the observer, we build the muscle of emotional and physical regulation which gives real power to facing your shadow/wounds from the past. Meditation is an anchor to peace, an epic resource when triggered. 
The more you meditate the stronger this muscle strengthens and living in consciousness grows so that darkness and fear of the mind diminish in the light. Solitude and stillness are needed to allow the nervous system to be relaxed and for space to listen and connect to your soul and intuition, e.g. sleeping, resting or reading. 


Practice saying no to what doesn’t serve you. Saying no to anything toxic to your mind, body, spirit and soul. Practice holding yourself in the cradle of loving kindness with kind words towards yourself, particularly when triggered or facing fear. You may ask yourself ‘ Does this choice honour me? and then listen and let the stillness speak.

Here is your ‘Easy guide to BEING Present’ PDF. You can download it below and use it as a reminder.

Download Being Present Guide

Wonderful, take care of yourself

And I will see you soon for Day 2

Love Lyndsay x